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Bringing research, organization, and writing to one place.

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When researching online, it's easy to derail your train of thought by switching back and forth between web browser and word processor. Citelighter stays with you, so you can log your findings as you go.

Reduced Tabbing

Tabbed browsing is the research equivalent of speed dating. You may read many sources at once, but it's doubtful you'll read them all well. Citelighter lets you pore through pages, strip out the important bits, and move on while maintaining your focus.

Organized Researching

Whether you're browsing on the library desktop or your laptop in class, Citelighter saves your research, organizes it, and formats it to a bibliography in the cloud - accessible anytime, anywhere.



Constantly copy-and-pasting little bits of information tops our list of tedious activities; along with laundry and dishes. Citelighter spares you the headache by letting you save facts in-browser with the click of a button.


No matter how fact-crazy you get in your research, you can view each and every one of your findings in the toolbar drop-down window, and reorganize them by simply dragging and dropping them in any order you please.

Factss List

Facts Notes


Ever been struck by a grand thought and failed to recall it later? Yeah, it's incredibly frustrating. Citelighter lets you add your own thoughts in the comments box while they're still fresh in your mind, so you can put them to good use later.


Drag & Drop Facts

Does that last fact you found fit better at the beginning of your paper? You can easily reorder all of the facts from your research by dragging and dropping them into place.

Create an Outline

Stay organized by structuring your research into an outline. This helps you better prepare your argument and analysis.

Fast Capture Toolbar


Creating internet-research bibliographies can be infuriating to say the least, so Citelighter grabs all relevant info to create accurate citations for you. Anything we miss you can add yourself, and we'll save your additions for future users.

Edit Citation

Export Citation

Format & Export

Of course, doing the research is only half the battle, and at one point you're going to have to put that knowledge into practice. Citelighter allows you to export your quotes, notes and citations to Word, Google Docs, or email.

Choose Your Format

Whether your professor's inclined toward the Modern Language Association or the windy city, we've got your back. You can choose to format your citations as MLA, Chicago or APA, depending on your needs.


My Projects

View Projects

Need to cross-reference another paper you wrote? Check out all of the projects you've created, in one place, by pressing the Home button on the toolbar.

Search Form

Reference While You Write

Now you can review all of your research and analysis as you write your assignment. Never forget a fact for your argument again.

Easily Add Facts to Your Writing

You can easily drag and drop any fact that you want to reference right into your assignment. We’ll make sure it’s properly cited and let you easily add the bibliography that we create for you. Pretty slick.

Knowledge Cards


Collaborate With Other Students

Since we’re using Google Docs, multiple people can add their research from Citelighter into an assignment at the same time.