About Us

Citelighter is a collection of teachers, entrepreneurs, and technologists who are passionate about helping students express their ideas clearly. We are proud to say that Citelighter is being used in over 3,000 schools and has won 6 national awards.

It started with one overwhelmed student.

Our Story

We were inspired to start Citelighter when Saad’s little brother was about to drop out of college during his freshman year. He was overwhelmed and having difficulty with writing research papers because he was not taught how to write well in high school. After helping Saad’s brother finish his semester, Lee and Saad decided to quit their corporate jobs to help students just like him.

The Citelighter team has dedicated their lives to creating tools that help students take their ideas and communicate them in powerful ways.

Give students the tools to succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give students the tools they need to become powerful writers. We believe that students, when given the right tools, are capable of so much more than we know.

We want to be at the forefront of technologies that enable students to take charge of their futures.

Cultivate and communicate with purpose.

Our Approach

Citelighter is focused on making every single point in the writing process easy for teachers and administrators so they can use their unique talents and energy to help their students cultivate ideas and communicate them with purpose.

Providing students with a way to visualize their thoughts and assemble them in a graphical manner helps them structure their words into organized, well-planned papers.

Giving teachers and administrators a platform to track and manage students’ writing growth creates efficiency in the classroom, while giving students the skills they need to meet college-readiness standards.

Citelighter Team

Our Team

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    Saad AlamCEO
  • team-thumb
    Lee JoklCOO
  • team-thumb
    Jonathan CeresaCTO
  • team-thumb
    Alin EpureLead Product Engineer
  • team-thumb
    Romica IarcaProduct Engineer
  • team-thumb
    Emily LevittDirector of Content
  • team-thumb
    Arien MurphyDirector of Professional Services
  • team-thumb
    Romulo PerezDirector of Inside Sales
  • team-thumb
    Florin FloriaProduct Engineer
  • team-thumb
    Bogdan OlenicProduct Engineer
  • team-thumb
    Jeff FilsonDirector of Implementation
  • team-thumb
    Felicia LarionProduct Engineer
  • team-thumb
    Andrei ChirtesQuality Assurance Engineer
  • team-thumb
    Norbert GengQuality Assurance Engineer
  • team-thumb
    Victor Teodor ButiuQuality Assurance Engineer Lead
  • team-thumb
    Shanita StarksAccount Executive
  • team-thumb
    Joe PiazzaDirector of Field Sales
  • team-thumb
    Aleesha RockAccount Executive
  • team-thumb
    Michele SchererLead Generator
  • team-thumb
    Cody WhiteAccount Executive
  • team-thumb
    Michael BeardAccount Executive
  • team-thumb
    Phil ChorneyDirector of Marketing
  • team-thumb
    Shelley JohnsonNYC Director of Implementations
  • team-thumb
    Davita CarpenterExecutive Director of HR
  • team-thumb
    David HewesVP of Field Sales
  • team-thumb
    LaShay LongAccount Executive
  • team-thumb
    Nicholas DeanerAccount Executive

Academic Advisory Board

  • Delia DeCourcy
    Delia DeCourcy

    “Thinking cogently and coherently in writing gives people the power to share ideas and changes minds.”

  • Dr. Troy Hicks
    Dr. Troy Hicks

    "The quality of our writing reflects the quality of our thought. Thus, good writing is essential for success in school, career, and life."

  • Rissa Karpoff
    Rissa Karpoff

    "Thinking critically and communicating clearly are the bedrock of every academic discipline."

  • Dr. Kristen Hawley Turner
    Dr. Kristen Hawley Turner

    "Writing is thinking, and critical thinking is the foundation of the future."


  • John Cammack
    John Cammack

    "Conveying one's ideas clearly is essential to getting anything complex accomplished."

  • Stephen Dukker
    Stephen Dukker

    "If readers are leaders, Then writers lead our leaders."

  • Kevin Hollins
    Kevin Hollins

    “Whatever you do in life, better writing leads to better thinking, better explaining, and perhaps most importantly--better persuading.”

  • Sacha Levy
    Sacha Levy

    "Good writing is proof that you think well and gets your voice heard."

  • Alessandro Piol
    Alessandro Piol

    "In a world overloaded with information, writing clearly and concisely is an essential skill for all."

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