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Company Profile: Microsoft

Company Profile: Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing.


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Microsoft unveiled a new tablet computer, Surface, that attempts to take advantage of one of the few criticisms of Apple's iPad — that it is better for consuming content than creating it.
...its device will attach to a removable rubberized keyboard that also acts like a book cover.

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As of June 27, 2008, Bill Gates was no longer the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, a company he founded and help build for the last few decades. ... Although he ... remains the company's largest shareholder, Gates stepped down from his position to dedicate the majority of his time to running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the world's largest and richest philanthropic organizations.
Gate's successor, Steve Ballmer, took over as CEO when Gates stepped down.

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In 2001, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia upheld the lower court's holding that Microsoft broke the law by illegally maintaining its Windows OS monopoly. ... After the finding of liability and almost a decade of monitoring Microsoft's behavior, the net result has been to leave Microsoft pretty much where it started — with its Windows monopoly intact. ...Windows' market share remains well above 80 percent, approximately the same as when the case was brought in 1998.

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...Gates and his wife established the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. The foundation's grants provide funds for education, disease prevention and eradication, and other causes. Gates gave over $28.4 billion to charities between 2000 and 2006, including $900 million dollars to support eradication of tuberculosis in developing nations plagued by the disease. A $31 billion pledge by investor Warren Buffett made the Gates Foundation by far the nation's largest philanthropic foundation.

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Co. operates its business in five segments.
The Windows & Windows Live Division develops and markets PC operating systems, related software and online services, and PC hardware products.
The Server and Tools segment develops and markets server software, software developer tools, services, and applications, including the server platform, database, storage, management and operations, service-oriented architecture platform, security and identity software.

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The Online Services Division segment develops and markets information and content.
The Microsoft Business Division offerings consist of the Microsoft Office system, consisting mainly of Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync, and Microsoft Dynamics business applications.
The Entertainment and Devices Division develops and markets products and services designed to entertain and connect people.

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The Microsoft unit that includes the Office family of products is a $20 billion-a-year business with pretax profit margins of 60 percent. The business is even larger than the company’s other big profit engine, the Windows PC operating system.

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Microsoft's main source of revenue is the partner ecosystem. Many hardware vendors deliver Microsoft OSs as part of their offerings, and many SaaS and SaaP software vendors base their solutions on Microsoft OSs and database platforms. In addition, Microsoft has revenue from SaaS {Windows Live} and appliance sales {for example, the XBox}.

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While research and development investment has slipped as a percentage of total sales the past couple of years, Microsoft continues to devote more than 10% of its revenue to R&D for enhancing existing products and creating new ones. It is targeting cloud computing, Web search and other online services, mobile computing, entertainment, and new technologies, such as natural user interface, for future software products. The company is looking to industries such as health care, education, and environmental sustainability to create opportunities for new products and enhancements.

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In 1981, Microsoft released its first operating system, MS-DOS, which had a character-based user interface that required users to type specific instructions to perform tasks. In 1985, Microsoft introduced a new product called Windows that included a graphical user interface, enabling users to perform tasks by clicking on icons on the screen using a pointing device called a mouse (basically the only piece of hardware produced by Microsoft for PCs). ...
In 1995, Microsoft released Windows 95, which integrated the functionality of Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS in a single operating system.

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Bill Gates founded Microsoft (originally named Micro-soft) in 1975 after dropping out of Harvard at age 19 and teaming with high school friend Paul Allen to sell a version of the programming language BASIC. While Gates was at Harvard, the pair wrote the language for Altair, the first commercial microcomputer. The company was born in an Albuquerque, New Mexico, hotel room and grew by modifying BASIC for other computers.

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With annual revenues of more than $32 billion, Microsoft Corporation is more than the largest software company in the world: it is a cultural phenomenon. The company's core business is based on developing, manufacturing, and licensing software products, including operating systems, server applications, business and consumer applications, and software development tools, as well as Internet software, technologies, and services. Led by Bill Gates, the world's wealthiest individual and most famous businessman, Microsoft has succeeded in placing at least one of its products on virtually every personal computer in the world, setting industry standards and defining markets in the process.

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