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Company Profile: Volkswagen

Company Profile: Volkswagen

Volkswagen (abbreviated VW) is a German automobile manufacturer and the original and biggest-selling marque of the Volkswagen Group.


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The most important introduction for 2013 will be the Jetta Hybrid, Volkswagen’s first offering in the compact hybrid category and VW’s second-ever hybrid model. This is VW’s first turbocharged hybrid and the first hybrid in the world to use a seven-speed DSG® dual-clutch automatic transmission. Competitively priced with other compact hybrid sedans, the Jetta Hybrid will offer class-leading performance combined with excellent fuel economy.

VW will also add a second convertible to the lineup when the Beetle Convertible goes on sale.

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It's not always how far you push the brake pedal, but also how fast. Volkswagen Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA) can tell the difference between slamming on the brake and normal brake usage. When needed, HBA helps the driver by applying the proper amount of brake force.

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U.S. sales are almost a certainty. The New Beetle had its greatest successes here, and the old "Lovebus"—which you can still buy new in Brazil as the Kombi—is still fondly remembered. Production of the Microbus will coincide with the launch of another new, bigger van, a replacement for the Chrysler-supplied Routan to be built in Tennessee on VW's own platform.

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Piëch must have made a mental note, because now the Microbus is back, on the front-wheel-drive platform of the Touran, a Golf-derived compact minivan not sold in the U.S. The retro-futuristic van likely will be just slightly smaller than the original concept, but look nearly identical. It will be unveiled in 2013, and production is expected to start in 2014.

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Volkswagen of America, Inc. (VWoA) today reported 37,014 units sold in July, a 27.3 percent increase over prior year sales, a 34.1 percent increase year-to-date and the best July since 1973.

“Volkswagen has proven demand and enthusiasm for our products with over 37,000 units sold for the month, continuing the pace of double-digit sales growth for 2012,” said Jonathan Browning, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. “We’re pleased to see consumers embracing our strong lineup of award-winning, fuel-efficient, high-quality vehicles and we expect our growth to continue.”

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2012 Passat -
The Motor Trend
2012 Car of the Year®
The Chattanooga-born 2012 Passat has an advanced design, engineering excellence, plus outstanding safety and efficiency2 that have proven to be the best among the largest pool of Motor Trend Car of the Year contenders ever tested. Since we're speechless, watch the Motor Trend video to see all of the reasons why.

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The marketing types over at Volkswagen want us to think ‘VW’ when we think of cars so they’ve launched a new campaign with the simple tagline “Das Auto,” German for “The Car.” VW used the backdrop of last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show to launch its new TV and print campaign across Germany and you can be sure it will be spreading across the globe in no time. VW’s previous tagline was “Aus Liebe zum Automobil,” which was launched at the 2003 Frankfurt Show and translates into “For the love of the automobile.”

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'Porsche belonged to those professionals who were determined at any price to use the undreamed-of productive space that the regime suddenly made available for them, without questioning the prevailing political conditions,'' Professor Mommsen's book said.

Mr. Porsche -- who designed the postwar sports car that bears his name -- joined the Nazi Party in 1937, but seemed indifferent to its ideological significance. ''He walked through the crimes like a sleepwalker,'' Professor Mommsen said.

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Later in 1933, Adolf Hitler met with Ferdinand Porsche to discuss Hitler's idea of a volkswagen. Hitler proposed a people's car that could carry 5 people, cruise up to 62mph, return 33mpg, and cost only 1000 Reich Marks. This was an opportunity for Porsche to push his idea of a small car foward, as was it to help Hitler get a real people's car for the citizens of Germany. Initially, Porsche designated this design the Type 60, but it was soon changed to the V1 (experimental 1). Hitler also proposed to have a convertible version produced: it was designated V2.

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Literally, the word "volkswagen" means "people's car." In Germany, the idea of a people's car wasn't exactly a new one. Before the 1930's, there had been many efforts to create simple cars that everyone could afford, but none met with profound success. Almost all cars before 1930, even if they were designed to be simple enough for the average person, ended up costing more than the average worker's yearly wage.

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