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Eye Contact

Eye Contact

In human beings, eye contact is a form of nonverbal communication and is thought to have a large influence on social behavior. Coined in the early to mid-1960s, the term has come in the West to often define the act as a meaningful and important sign of confidence and social communication.The customs and significance of eye contact vary widely.


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1. Make eye contact. Take advantage of those brief moments when your newborn's eyes are open, and look right into them. Infants recognize faces early on -- and yours is the most important! Each time he stares at you, he's building his memory.

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When we are aroused and interested in what we are looking at our pupils dilate. In medieval Italy, women put belladonna (literally meaning beautiful lady) into their eyes to make their pupils look bigger. However, this is not recommended, as belladonna is a kind of poison and eventually leads to blindness - these days its safer to stick to eye liner and mascara.

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You probably know what it's like to speak with someone who is shifty-eyed. You might wonder what he has up his sleeve or what she is hiding. Looking a man or woman in the eye when speaking is not only polite, it's good business practice. It assures the other person of your sincerity and genuine interest. And it will remind him or her to return the eye contact.

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Eye contact during the introduction is serious, direct, and should be maintained as long as the person is addressing you. Even in public between strangers, eye contact or out and out staring can be direct and not necessarily smiling. It would be wrong, however, to assume that all stares in public are meant to be threatening. Nonetheless, do not expect direct eye contact to necessitate some greeting or acknowledgement; the German will also not expect anything from you. This is one of the most typical communication patterns immediately observed by visitors to Germany. If the visitor is visibly foreign, this can unfortunately result in a mistaken perception of the Germans as cold and unfriendly to foreigners. What is essentially a typical example of intercultural miscommunication/misunderstanding, can suddenly misread in an unfortunate, racial context.

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Muslims of many cultures will avoid direct eye contact during a conversation as a sign of respect for the speaker.  This is especially the case with Muslim women, whose cultural norm of modesty discourages direct eye contact with unfamiliar males. Do not take offence or feel that they are not paying attention to you.

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In two studies, subjects induced to exchange mutual unbroken gaze for 2 min with a stranger of the opposite sex reported increased feelings of passionate love for each other.

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Life coach Ali Campbell says in his book 'More than Just Sex' that the look men want to see is her looking down and then moving her eyes in a sweeping motion across the floor because it almost certainly means that she is attracted to you.

This glance means that she is checking her internal emotions, in short, she likes you but is working out how much.

'It's the holy grail of looks,' he said.

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An excellent example of when we are aware of the significance of eye contact is perhaps when we are flirting with someone. What starts out with a quick glance soon develops into an exchange of repeated reciprocal glances which become longer and longer as the exchange goes on. This kind of eye contact tells us a lot about whether the other person finds us attractive.

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Having eye contact with another individual gives us an opportunity to collect a lot of information about the other person’s emotional state, feelings, reactions and opinions. We may do this with or without realising that we are collecting such data from the other person at the time.

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eye contact
a direct look between two people; meeting of eyes

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