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Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics, also known as the "Celts," are an NBA team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics dominated the league during the late 1950s and through the mid 1980s, with the help of many Hall of Famers, who include Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, Larry Bird and legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach. They are 17-time champions.


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QUITE simply, the Boston Celtics are "the Franchise," Celtics Green is "the color," and the winking leprechaun that serves as the team's logo symbolizes five decades of NBA tradition.

A charter member of the Basketball Association of America (which evolved into the NBA), Boston flies more title banners from the rafters of its home arena than any other franchise.

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The Boston Celtics won Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals 93-91 in overtime...This incarnation of the Celtics refuses to fade gently into the twilight. Where ever they are going — perhaps to the NBA Finals, perhaps not — it will be with a fight.

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If Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals was to be considered the Rajon Rondo Game, then Game 4 between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics ought to be known as the Joey Crawford, Greg Willard and Bill Kennedy Game. The late-game shakedown featured some great shots (like a game-tying LeBron James three-pointer) and just-missed plays, but the overriding narrative revolved around what the officials were and were not calling.

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Mickael Pietrus caught himself gazing up to the rafters before Sunday night's Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals at TD Garden, just staring at the Boston Celtics' 17 championship banners and wondering what he could do to help add another.

His body won't allow him to contribute much in the way of offense, a bum right knee has stripped him of a once-consistent 3-point shot. Pietrus has instead pledged to do all the little things to help his team.

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With each team missing its leading scorer, the Celtics outscored Miami 4-2 in the overtime, taking the lead on a Rondo runner and holding on with a pair of free throws. After blowing a chance to win it in regulation when James passed to Udonis Haslem for an air ball at the buzzer, Miami worked the ball to Wade for a clean 3-pointer that bounced off the rim at the end of overtime.

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During the Boston Celtics' 2012 NBA Playoffs run, 17-year pro Kevin Garnett has thrived and enjoyed a basketball renaissance.

The Big Ticket leads the club in points, rebounds and blocks, but his intangibles are equally vital to the team's success.

Boston's lack of depth has forced Doc Rivers to give Garnett extensive minutes, and Garnett's been up to the task. He's active and effective on both ends of the floor, and the Celtics are just two wins away from the NBA Finals.

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Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo -- who finished Game 4 with 15 points, 15 assists and five rebounds -- took a shot at the Miami Heat at halftime of Sunday's game on his way to the locker room...Asked by ESPN's Doris Burke what holes he was exploiting in the Heat defense, Rondo answered: "Them complaining and crying to the referees in transition."

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Because with the Chicago Bulls out of the picture, the Miami Heat down a musketeer thanks to a vague abdominal injury to forward Chris Bosh and the rest of the East lacking a viable championship contender, the odds that the Celtics could represent the conference in the NBA Finals are looking better every day.

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The Boston Celtics have played 28 Game 7s in their history, and have won 21 of them.

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“Red (Auerbach) wasn’t going to let that go in, you know that,” Rivers said of the late Celtics patriarch. “Not in the Boston Garden. I thought it looked good when it left his hands. We told (Daniels) to watch the pump fake. But what I thought Marquis did on the pump fake was jump out of the way, so he wouldn’t draw a foul. Wade is the best, him and Paul, at doing that. So he did the first part well, but I thought the avoiding of the foul was as big as anything else.”

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