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Chad Everett

Chad Everett

Chad Everett (June 11, 1936 – July 24, 2012) was an American actor who appeared in over 40 films and television series but was probably best known for his role as Dr. Joe Gannon in the television drama Medical Center, which aired on CBS from 1969 to 1976.


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Everett also was selected by the family of John Wayne to be the voice of the animatronic figure of the legendary actor in Disney MGM Studios' Great Movie Ride in Orlando. He also recorded a couple of albums, including 1971's "All Strung Out," on which he covers "Ain't No Sunshine."

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Everett appeared in a myriad of television shows including Murder She Wrote, Love Boat and Without A Trace, notes the AP. The report adds his unforgettable film role came in Mulholland Drive in which he's "a lothario who engages in a steamy audition with a young ingeneue portrayed by Naomi Watts".

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Everett was taken to court three times by actress Sheila Scott, who claimed he was the father of her son Dale, who was born in 1973. The long-running paternity dispute ended in 1981 when a Los Angeles County Superior Court jury ruled in favor of Everett, who steadfastly denied the claims.

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After nearly a decade, during which he made a memorable appearance in the 1978-79 NBC miniseries "Centennial", Everett again made a stab at TV series playing an outdoor travel company operator in "McKenna" (ABC, 1994-95), but now he was the father figure.

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Everett also did guest stints on numerous shows including Murder, She Wrote, The Love Boat, Cybill, Caroline in the City, Melrose Place, The Nanny and more recently Jack & Bobby, Supernatural and Castle.

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When Medical Center expired, the actor's career went on life support, PEOPLE reported in 1994. The fact Everett owned 15 percent of the show provided a comfortable income, but as he said at the time, "Maybe I was a little too comfortable." Alcohol took over his life.

"Finally I said, 'I am really in trouble.' I stepped outside, and I looked up and I said, 'Father, you take it. I can't handle it anymore,' " he told PEOPLE. The next morning he called his two daughters, Katherine and Shannon, into his bedroom. "I am addicted to alcohol, and I am not going away to detox," he told them. "I am going to do it here so that you can see what happens to someone if you let a substance take control of you."

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But it was Medical Center that made him a star and a sex symbol. That image was tarnished in 1972 when he infuriated Lily Tomlin on the Dick Cavett talk show by referring to his wife, the actress Shelby Grant, as his "property." Tomlin walked off the show.

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Everett played sensitive doctor Joe Gannon for seven years on "Medical Center."
The role earned him two Golden Globes and an Emmy nomination.

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Born in Indiana, Chad Everett attended high school in Dearborn, Michigan, where he played quarterback on the school football team. During his junior year at Wayne State University, Everett landed an acting role with a Michigan repertory company, accompanying the troupe on a State Department-sponsored tour of India. He headed to Hollywood in 1960, got nowhere fast, relocated to New York, did some modelling and TV commercials, then was signed to a $250-per week contract with Warner Bros. He made his film debut in Warners' Claudelle Inglish (1961), and was co-starred in the studio's 1963 TV western series The Dakotas.

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He was born Raymon Lee Cramton on June 11, 1936, in South Bend, Indiana. In high school, he did stage plays and wanted to become an actor.

After he graduated from Wayne University, Chad came to Hollywood and signed a contract with Warner Brothers. He first became known playing a deputy in the short-lived television series, "The Dakotas" (1963) but acted in a number of supporting roles, such as Get Yourself a College Girl (1964) and Made in Paris (1966), and played the title role in Johnny Tiger (1966) and Return of the Gunfighter (1967).

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