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Reddit is a popular website with user-contributed content. Users modify what content they see by subscribing to sub-reddits. Reddit has become well-known as a community that raises and donates large amounts of money to charitable causes, as well as spearheading the SOPA blackout campaign.


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Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, believes that every web user has the potential to be a guardian of the Internet — a “Batman or Batwoman,” as he put it.

“You don’t need to be a billionaire with anger management issues to help save the Internet,” said Ohanian at the Personal Democracy Forum on Monday.

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When the 29-year-old entrepreneur was invited to speak to Congress about the Stop Online Piracy Act in January, he asked users of Reddit, the massively popular link-sharing site he cofounded in 2005, what he should tell legislators. Hundreds of responses offered him talking points about how the bill known as SOPA would cripple the Web and kill jobs.

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Recently a Reddit user asked professionals to post something that's common knowledge within the industry but mind-blowing to the general public.
Since then, more than 8,000 people have replied with some shocking facts.
We pared down the most lurid details shared, including what percentage of children have a different biological daddy than they thought and why you shouldn't snort cocaine before going to the dentist.

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A few weeks before the Mass Effect: Rebellion DLC pack came out, Reddit user Dertemp6698 seemed to know nearly everything about it. It’s unclear where he or she is getting the information, but the user is back with more leaks about upcoming multiplayer DLC as well as the controversial expanded ending, and it’s worth a listen.

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The young British gent known as "Shitty Watercolour" has an intensely loyal following on Reddit, though he often duels with a moderator known as karmanaut, who seems to want to discredit SW's hard work. The drama is catalogued here. Thankfully, SW has a friend in SeriousCritic, a Reddit user with a flair for grandiloquent prose and a keen eye for finding the most hilarious statements to use in art critiques.

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Reddit user Lycerius has shared with the community a thing of gaming glory: the game of Civilization II that he’s been playing for over 10 years. The game is currently in the year 3991 A.D., and the state of the world isn’t pretty.

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Today over on Reddit, readers were treated to some top notch mathematical wizardry. Physicist/author Aaron Santos did an IAMA where users were able to submit asinine questions of which Santos would do the mathematical calculations for. Examples include ‘gallons of liquor consumed in a lifetime’ (4.4 m3)and ‘number of biblical sins committed in a lifetime,’ (60,000 sins)

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It’s called Reddit, and while most of us know the platform as a place to share fun links, its subreddits (niche communities set up by users) are increasingly popular spots to talk about TV — to the tune of millions of PVs of month each.

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Reddit is made up of hundreds of sub-communities, each focused on a specific topic. There's a reddit for science, a reddit for music, and probably a reddit for your nearest city. By default, new users are subscribed to a selection of the most popular ones, but you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of the site if you take the time to subscribe to ones that appeal to you. After doing so, the front page will change to show a customized listing tailored to your interests.

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Alexis Ohanian is basically an Internet superhero already for creating Reddit, the insanely popular news-discussion website.
Now he's formed the Internet Defense League, an organization which aims to mobilize the audiences of popular websites against legislation which threatens their interests.
Ohanian described the IDL to Forbes as a "Bat-Signal for the Internet" that would alert website operators to anti-Internet actions.

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Founded in June 2005 by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit — known as the front page of the Internet — has climbed its way from zero to hero with over 1.6 billion page views each month. It is now one of the largest websites in the world with one of the most loyal communities online today.

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“Hey Reddit -- my 47 year old uncle, Scott Widak, has down syndrome and is terminally ill with liver disease. He is currently bedridden and living out his last days at home with my 85 year old grandmother. One of his favorite things to do is open mail…anyone feel like sending him a letter or card?”

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Thanks to the generosity of strangers on the social news website Reddit, a young Canadian suffering from terminal cancer will receive $30,000 to take a trip around the world.

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Reddit was introduced to Halina, a 92-year-old grandma who had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer on May 17.

“I recently sent her a Mother’s Day card and I got a voicemail from her, almost in tears thanking me for it because she hardly gets cards anymore,” user descarted wrote in r/assistance group in a personal post, asking fellow users to consider sending her grandma a birthday card in the mail.

Nearly two weeks later, Reddit made her request come true. Halina received about 70 different colorful cards and letters in the mail.

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