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Yeshiva is a Jewish educational institution that focuses on the study of traditional religious texts, primarily the Talmud and Torah study. Study is usually done through daily shiurim (lectures or classes) and in study pairs called chavrutas.


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First, Rabbi Lebor tells us that "While every Yeshiva has some alumni that are not observant today, the numbers are really very small." In truth, I do not know what they numbers are, and I am uncertain if he does either. How many of the graduates from any given Yeshiva are still observant is an unstudied question. An even better question that is completely unstudied is to know whether some yeshivot have higher or lower retention rates, and an even better question would be to control for entering religiosity, so that we can really understand which institutions do a better job with which kinds of people.

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The Yeshiva’s exceptional and unique approach inculcates in their students a deep love of and commitment to Torah and the Jewish people. The Yeshiva’s mission is not limited to one location rather it participates in the growth and development of the Connecticut communities at large. In fact, one of the nation’s most successful college outreach programs is in Connecticut at Yale University under the Yeshiva’s leadership.


In the yeshiva world, too, excellence in studies is the most valued goal, one that promises no economic rewards. Any kind of economic involvement, such as investment or retail, belongs to the corporate realism, the bodily and the earthbound, so occupying one's mind with business is inappropriate for men striving for piety. Accordingly, men in the working world are considered inferior to scholars in holy studies. The ideal model of the successful men is one who devotes his entire life to studying the Talmud an its exegeses.

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With a unified leadership among all of the yeshiva’s divisions and a comprehensive approach to education, Shaare Torah can provide each student – and all of his or her siblings – with a consistent education and a smooth transition for continuous personal development from age 2 to 20 – and beyond.

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“The yeshiva fostered an environment of enthusiasm for learning Torah, which has stayed with me till today. And as a parent, I have watched my children enjoy many years of growth and success in the same warm and caring environment.”

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YESS! is a yeshivah, offering Judaic and general studies with an Orthodox, Zionist outlook.  The curriculum in both subject areas is highly individualized, tailored to enrich and build upon each child's learning profile.

In general studies, YESS! generally follows the curriculum of the New York State public schools and the Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ). Judaic studies generally follow the YCQ curriculum.  Both curricula are implemented with state-of-the-art special education techniques.

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Looking for matches for their single young daughters, mothers and fathers call the Yeshiva of Greater Washington, where Sanders is the director of development, and one of the few places in the D.C. region with a high concentration of religiously educated Orthodox young men. If they don’t know anyone who works at the Silver Spring school, they will call someone who does.

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Katz and the other boys studied at a yeshiva, or Jewish school. There were no public schools, no concerts, and minimal interaction with anyone outside the community. But when he was 10, his parents divorced, and things changed for him.

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One of the foundations of Yeshiva University is the importance of enriching and enhancing Jewish life and growth both on our campuses and in the Jewish community at large. There are so many opportunities for Jewish learning both in and out of the classroom, whether it be the Torah classes of RIETS and our undergraduate programs, the worldwide Jewish initiatives being spearheaded by the Center for the Jewish Future, Torah journals and publications, or our commitment to the ideals and values of Torah U'Madda.

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Yeshiva University has been transforming lives for more than a century. Nowhere but here can students have a personal, small college experience while benefitting from the academic rigor of a top ranked research university. Since its inception YU has been dedicated to melding the ancient traditions of Jewish law and life with the heritage of Western civilization, and each year we celebrate as future leaders make YU their home.

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