How do I download the Citelighter plug-in?

It’s easy, just click on the download button on any page and follow the prompts.

Once I download the Citelighter browser extension, what do I do?

1. Check out the Resources page.

2. Start surfing the web and looking for useful information for your research.

3. Once you’ve found the information, highlight it with your cursor.

4. Push the ‘Capture’ button.

5. If you want to edit what you just captured or enter comments, click one of the buttons in the dropdown bar that appears.

6. While you’re doing your research, you can press the ‘View’ button anytime to see all of the facts that you’ve saved.

7. Drag and drop the facts in the “View Window” to reorder them and begin formulating your paper.

8. Once you’ve completed your research, press the ‘Export’ button to send your facts, capture, and thoughts (i.e. majority of your paper) to a word document, email, or printer.

Why do I have to download Citelighter on Chrome, Firefox or Safari?

We are currently developing Citelighter plug-ins for additional browsers such as Internet Explorer. We will hopefully have these available for you in the next few months. Please drop us a line on the Feedback tab (on the left side of the page) if you would like us to prioritize one browser over another.

I need Citelighter badly but my computer does not have Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Don’t worry! Just go to or or and download a copy of one of the most popular internet browsers in minutes and begin using Citelighter right away.

Do I have to be a student to use Citelighter?

Nope. Citelighter can be used across all industries and for any circumstance in which you want to organize online information. Have to do a quick report on emerging industries in Thailand for your boss? Use Citelighter! Want to help your mom think of great places to vacation? Use Citelighter!

When will you be able to provide us with recommendations of useful facts for my research?

Great question! We are initially asking you to do research with which ever search engine that you are familiar with (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…), and as more students begin using Citelighter, we will be able to start providing recommendations. So the sooner you get all of your friends to sign-up and use Citelighter the sooner we will be able to provide you with valuable content recommendations.

Can anyone else see the comments within my projects?

Absolutely not. While the quotations themselves will be searchable for viewing by other users (as they’re already public information), the original thoughts and notes you add will always stay secure and private.

Is Citelighter cheating?

The simple answer is NO. We take the matter of plagiarism very seriously, as it is our stated mission to encourage a thoughtful and enjoyable learning experience, while maintaining academic honesty among our users. This is why we provide you with all the proper reference information that corresponds with each capture that you find for your papers.

In fact, Citelighter is a useful tool for teachers and professors to detect cheating, by allowing them to easily search through all of the quotes captured on Citelighter to verify whether a student has used a quote improperly.

We plan to incorporate additional features in the future that will further alleviate people’s concerns in this area.

I thought that you said Citelighter automatically cites all information?

Well this is really more of a statement than a question…but we’ll let it slide! Capturing accurate data on the internet is incredibly complex since there are no strict standards for doing so, and it’s constantly evolving. Even the most intelligent coders cannot find a systematic way to get all of the bibliographic info you might need. Citelighter grabs whatever it can and asks you to complete the few remaining pieces of information. Once you have completed the capture, the correct bibliographic info will be attached to that page forever and you will have etched your name onto the walls of online history. The best part is, for the next person that visits the page it’ll be automatic.

What if the bibliographic information associated with a capture is incorrect?

You can always change it by clicking the ‘Edit’ button next to the capture in your project or on the ‘Cite-it’ page when you first capture it. From then on, the corrected information will appear to anyone who visits that website. For doing this the Citelighter community will thank you!

When will you support more capture formats?

We are working to determine what the best and most utilized formats are other than APA, MLA, and Chicago. If you would like us to build out another capture format, please drop us a line using the Feedback tab (on the left side of the page). We will work as quickly as possible to make that available for you.

How do I log back into Citelighter?

Just click on the login icon in your toolbar and there will be a drop down box that allows you to log-in with your username. You can also log in from the homepage, using Facebook or LinkedIn. If that doesn’t work, please send us an email through the Feedback form and we will get back to you ASAP.

What if I find a fact that is better for another paper while I am doing research?

We got you covered there too! You go to the drop down menu where the title of your current paper is displayed and select the paper in which you’d like to put the fact you’ve just found. Next, highlight the information and press the ‘Capture’ button and the fact will be stored to the new paper you selected. After you’ve added this info and want to return to what you were just working on, simply select the original paper title from the menu and you’ll be good to go.

Is Citelighter encouraging laziness?

We don’t think so. We feel that automating some of the tedious steps in the research process, like creating references and bibliographies, simply redirects your efforts to the steps that will actually increase your understanding of the material and allow you to use your brain more in the areas that really count (i.e. the actual writing and analysis).

How do I edit my projects?

Once you've created a project, you can easily edit its title and due date by clicking the edit icon accessed when hovering over the project title on the My Projects page.

How do I change the settings in my Citelighter toolbar?

You can either push the options button on the toolbar, or press “ctrl+alt+O” to view and change many of the settings for the toolbar.

If you’re using our Safari extension, simply click on the Citelighter icon to the left of the address bar.

If I’m not doing research, is it possible to hide the Citelighter toolbar?

Yes, it’s easy.

In Firefox & Chrome, just push the Citelighter icon that appears at the top of browser to hide/unhide the toolbar.

In Safari, click on the Citelighter icon to the left of the address bar and click “Toggle Toolbar”.

Once I hide the toolbar, how do I get it back when I need it?

Just push the same button you used to hide it. In Firefox & Chrome it’s the edit icon on the top right of the browser.

On Safari, simply click the Citelighter icon to the left of the address bar and click “Toggle Toolbar”.

If I’ve hidden the toolbar, can I still use Citelighter?

Yes, you can still capture citations via the on-screen Capture button. To use any of the other features, click the edit icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser to unhide the toolbar.

In Safari, simply unhide the toolbar by clicking on the Citelighter icon to the left of the address bar and click “Toggle Toolbar”.

I don’t like the ‘Capture’ button that pops up every time I highlight something. How can I get rid of that?

It’s easy. You can either press ctrl+alt+O or click the options icon and select the "Hide Capture Button in Page” to hide it.

In Safari, click on the Citelighter icon to the left of the address bar and click “Hide Capture Button in Page”.

Can I capture citations without actually pushing anything once I’ve highlighted a fact?

Definitely. Just push ctrl+alt+C. This is just one of many keyboard shortcuts we’ve created to make using Citelighter easier. To see them all, click on the options icon in the toolbar.

Unfortunately there are no keyboard shortcuts on Safari.

How can I capture facts from PDF’s with Citelighter?

First, you have to be a Citelighter Class subscriber and be using the Firefox browser (we’re working on building this feature for Chrome and Safari browsers). Then you have the option of citing PDF’s that you find on the web or uploading them from your computer into your Citelighter account.

I have a PDF document on my computer, can I use Citelighter to capture facts from it?

If you’re a Citelighter Class user, you can, although we’ve only built it for Firefox browsers at this point. Just click the PDF icon and press the upload button to save the document in your account. Now any time you click the view icon to view the PDF, you’ll be able to highlight and capture just like on a regular website.

How come when I view PDF’s it doesn’t let me highlight and capture any of the text?

Make sure you quit and restart your browser. If you are still having issues, this is most likely due to you having a PDF reader in your browser that doesn’t play well with Citelighter (though we do our best). The best thing to do is disable the other PDF viewers, To Uninstall PDF extensions in Firefox using a PC, follow the steps below:

Depending on your view settings you will see either the single Firefox menu or the menu bar containing the menus File, Edit, View etc.

If you see the single Firefox menu click on it and then click on "Add ons"
If you see the menu bar click on "Tools" then "Add ons"
From there click on the "Extensions" tab and you will see the list of currently installed extensions.
You can then click on the remove button next to the PDF Extensions.

To Uninstall PDF extensions in Firefox using a Mac, follow the steps below:
Click on "Tools" from the menu bar then "Add ons"
From there click on the "Extensions" tab and you will see the list of currently installed extensions.
You can then click on the remove button next to the PDF Extensions.

Why can’t I capture text from Google ebooks?

Google has strong restrictions to disallow anyone from capturing content from their ebooks. It’s unfortunately a game we all have to play with Google.

What are the Minimum Browser Requirements?

The Citelighter toolbar extension is currently supported on Firefox Version: 3.6+, Chrome Version: 11+ and Safari Version 5.1+. All the Browsers should have Third party cookies enabled.