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Men's Fashion of the 1920s

Men's Fashion of the 1920s

The 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era. Men also abandoned highly formal daily attire and even began to wear athletic clothing for the first time. The suits men wear today are still based, for the most part, on those worn in the late 1920s.


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Suspenders were extremely popular at the time, and were often paired with knickers and a white or light-blue dress shirt. Bow ties also tended to be worn more often than they are today, and still have the charm that made them so popular in the first place. Newsboy caps are seeing a resurgence today, and were extremely popular amongst men at the time. Finally, the pocket watch was also a popular mainstay

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A major innovation was trouser creases down the front of the leg. Footwear was mainly smart brogues often in two tones and, for formal occasions, shiny patent leather shoes. You wouldn’t be seen without a hat or without a neatly folded handkerchief in the breast pocket of your jacket. In addition to wool, tweed and flannel fabrics were popular. The dominant colours were brown, blue, green, beige and tan, though shirts were mainly white or a light colour with a white collar. The uncomfortable high detachable collars were quickly ditched in favour of shirts with attached collars and as the decade progressed they became lower. Cufflinks were favoured over buttoned cuffs and it was fashionable to wear ones that were decorative rather than gaudy; gold cufflinks were popular.

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During the 1920s fine American suit makers like Brooks Brothers came into it's own as the leader in American mens fashion. Brooks Brothers and other fine men's clothing houses defined the look of the custom suit that has been in style for nearly 80 years.

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Like women, men embraced clothing styles that enhanced or increased their youthful appearance. Sports stars such as golfer Bobby Jones and tennis player Bill Tilden became fashion trendsetters whom their fans tried to emulate. Well-dressed young men might wear golfing knickers and a sweater or loose, white flannel trousers and V-necked sweater vests over a collared shirt, whether or not they actually played golf or tennis. Silent film star Rudolph Valentino introduced the image of the suave, sophisticated "sheik" to American men […] Young men copied his look by shaving heir beards and moustaches and parting their slicked-down hair in the middle or just off to one side.

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In 1925, wide legged Oxford bags became stylish. This style originated amongst Oxford students who wore the pants over their knockers while in school. Like dressed reformers who for sociopolitical or health reasons tried to alter menswear, Oxford and Cambridge students challenged he practice of changing clothes several times during the course of the day.

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Knickerbockers, later shortened to 'knickers', were popular casual wear for the well-dressed gentleman. Variations of knickers included plus-fours, plus- sixes, plus-eights and plus-tens. The 'plus' in the term referred to how many inches below the knee they hung. Norfolk coats as well as golf coats were worn with knickers. The coats sported large patch pockets, a belt, usually one button and often a shoulder yoke. Gentleman's shoes or boots were the appropriate footwear to coordinate with knickers. In 1925 the era of the baggy pants dawned. This fashion would influence mens wear for three decades.

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Men’s fashion today are to a great extend influenced by mens fashion in the 1920s. Many of you out there might be surprised to know that men’s fashion of that era was almost similar to the men’s business attire today. The 1920s was a period when mens fashion style made a change in its look; in fact it was era which brought about some revolutionary changes in the history of mens fashion. [...] Prior to 1920s most men had worn formal three piece suits. But mens fashion in the 1920s were much more casual in style such as cheerio and jazzy fashions became more acceptable and popular.

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In menswear there were two distinct periods in the 1920s. […] In the early twenties, men's fashion was characterized by extremely high waisted jackets, often worn with belts. Lapels on suit jackets were not very wide as they tended to be buttoned up high […] Trousers were relatively narrow and straight (never tapered) and they were worn rather short so that a man's socks often showed. Trousers also began to be worn cuffed at the bottom at this time. By 1925, wider trousers […] came into fashion, while suit jackets returned to a normal waist and lapels became wider and were often worn peaked. Loose fitting sleeves (without a taper) also began to be worn during this period.

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The 1920′s were an extremely unique set of years giving birth to jazz, the flapper (like the boy), prohibition gangsters and many other features that labelled the era as the Roaring Twenties. The men’s fashion was determined by an enormous craze for leather driving jackets by the world famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh. The Princes of Wales provided taste in suits, though the most adorn suit influence was Al Capone and F.Scott Fitzgerald. They created that rebellious suit image of power and influence for men to aspire too. The suit design went from a stocky appearance to the more slender, agile and boyish look.

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At the end of WWI, men came home to find their closets full of clothes that were outdated. The soldiers returned to the "Edwardian" and Victorian wardrobes they had left before the war. These clothes didn't reflect the progress of technology, marketing, and individualism that marks the 1920s as a unique decade in American history. Though the shift in mens fashion was not as pronounced as that of women's fashion movement. Men's fashion changed rapidly as the 1920's progressed. It moved away from the stuffy conservative suits of the previous fashion eras, to a more "masculine" and individualistic approach to men's suits.

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