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Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Emily Jean "Emma" Stone (born November 6, 1988) is an American actress. Stone was a cast member of the TV series Drive, and made her feature film debut in the comedy Superbad (2007).


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They share the same red hair, the same husky voice, the same freckled complexion—but only one of them is a movie star.
Emma Stone has essentially landed the career that Lindsay Lohan was supposed to have, back when she was a rising Disney star. “Well…you could say I'm cheating,” Emma Stone recently told Australia’s Herald Sun, when asked about her Lohan-like locks. “I’m the false one. She’s the real redhead.”

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Emma Stone has revealed how she overcame crippling panic attacks as a child by embracing acting.
The Help star felt unable to leave her mother's side until she decided to focus on the arts after she was cast in a school play at the tender age of six.

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Source: The Huffington Post

For a woman who had spent the better part of her adolescence doing the Hollywood runaround, from working part-time at a dog bakery to taking online high-school courses between auditions, Stone has so far managed to insulate herself from the industry’s tendency to tarnish. Her female idols are actresses who never made a career out of mere sex appeal. She aspires to be Diane Keaton—“One of the most covered-up actresses of all time,” Stone said—and loves Marion Cotillard: “She’s so sexy, and she’s covered up!”

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Stone’s co-stars often refer to her as an “old soul”—“This is definitely her third or fourth time on Earth,” says Sudeikis—­although Spider-Man director Marc Webb has an alternate theory. “I think she actually is a 48-year-old man,” he says. “She’s a 48-year-old man who has figured out how to create the perfect woman.”

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Back in 2004 — which in Hollywood terms is, like, a lifetime ago — Stone totally rocked the auditions and won the role of Laurie Partridge. The excitement was clearly palpable: David Cassidy himself hosted the show and there was also the promise of the various winners (the format was that a set of eight people competed for each of the Partridge kids) starring in a new sitcom, The New Partridge Family.
Showbiz being the fickle mistress she so often is, the reality series was canceled after the pilot was filmed, and this episode never made it to air.

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Stone's almost-too-good-to-be-true Hollywood story begins with the oft-repeated tale of how she put together a PowerPoint presentation for her parents to persuade them to let her move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She and her mother moved into the Park La Brea apartments; Stone began auditioning and working a day job at the dog bakery in the Farmer's Market at the Grove.
Her first film role came as Jonah Hill's hook-up buddy in 2007's "Superbad"; the following summer she was one of a slew of geeky sorority girls in "The House Bunny."

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It’s doubly strange because Stone is a watcher by temperament. If she weren’t an actor, she says, she would be a journalist—the two vocations share a goal of trying to figure out what makes characters “tick”—and it’s as a woman looking, rather than being looked at, that she seems most alive and engaged.

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True to her age, she draws inspiration from sketch comedy and improvisation, giving her characters a looseness and spontaneity that is distinctly current. Although she’s been acting since she was a child, Stone is not jaded, self-conscious, or predictable—she seems to be up for anything. She had massively frizzed hair and braces in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, ran from flesh eaters in Zombieland, and shined in a musical skit on Saturday Night Live last October that channeled the Nouvelle Vague.

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After spending the last half-decade playing smart, independent women, Emma Stone was ready for a change: "Now I like women that are totally dependent," she half-jokes to Rolling Stone. In fact, she's come to love the "damsel in distress" aspects of her role as Peter Parker's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, in The Amazing Spider-Man (out July 3rd) – as well as her equally vulnerable part in September's Gangster Squad.

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Stone's sense of humour is partly what makes her so appealing and what sets her apart from other contenders like Emma Roberts or Kristen Stewart, for the title of America's newest sweetheart.
It was showcased to the masses in Easy A, one of her first big starring roles, where she played high-schooler Olive, who agrees to pretend to have had sex with friend to stop people taunting him about him being gay and ends up embracing her new image as the school tramp for the notoriety.

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