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Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (born Jonathan Michael Francis O'Keeffe, 27 July 1977) is an Irish actor and model. He is best known for his roles in the films Velvet Goldmine, Mission Impossible III, Bend It Like Beckham, Match Point and his television roles as Elvis Presley in the biographical miniseries Elvis and as King Henry VIII in The Tudors.


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Irish-born Rhys Meyers, who had been waiting for a plane home to Dublin, then tried to resist the three officers who had arrived to arrest arrest him, swearing constantly and telling them to leave him alone.

‘I’m going to give a million dollars to ruin your life, I’ll kill you and your family,’ Rhys Meyers screamed.

Police described him as in an 'extremely aggressive' state.

The incident took place in Le Quotidien (The Daily) bar in terminal 2F at the airport on a busy Saturday afternoon.

After arresting the actor, Paris police held him in a station cell for three hours so that he could ‘sober up’.

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Troubled actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was rushed to hospital by ambulance after a suspected suicide attempt.

Meyers - who played Henry VIII in raunchy BBC series The Tudors - is believed to have taken pills at his £3million home in Maida Vale, west London on Tuesday evening.

The handsome actor - who has been battling a long-standing drink problem - was found slumped on the floor by paramedics. They were forced to call police after he initially refused treatment at the scene.

The Irish actor was then taken to hospital.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars in this original, history-based drama series as the young, vibrant King Henry VIII, a competitive and lustful monarch who navigates the intrigues of the English court and the human heart with equal vigor and justifiable suspicion.

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You never had any formal training. How difficult was it for you to learn while on the job? It’s hard because I made all my mistakes publicly, and I grew up in front of the camera. I was once on the set of a film called B. Monkey, with Rupert Everett and Jared Harris, and they were looking at me and were like, "You haven’t trained, have you?" Critics can be really cruel. I got great reviews for Match Point, but I got four or five in England that really tore me to bits.

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In 2005, Rhys Meyers starred in Elvis, a CBS mini-series that earned him a Golden Globe and Golden Satellite award. He became a household name when he starred in Woody Allen's romantic thriller Match Point and made his musical talents known with his role opposite Keri Russell in August Rush.

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“I’m a better actor now than I was when I was 18,” Rhys Meyers says, pulling at the parts of the fake shearling cuff he hasn’t yet burned away. He considers the most difficult aspect of his job having to act like he’s handsome even when he doesn’t think he looks so hot. “Let’s not kid ourselves—this business is about being good-looking. Look, Brad Pitt is an incredible actor, but do you think he’d be a famous movie star if he didn’t look like that? Come on! Some mornings, some days, you just don’t have that physical confidence. That’s a horrible feeling. A lot of my success is because of what I look like. I know that.”

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Rhys Meyers himself no longer goes to those sorts of mobbed, cacophonous venues. A notorious partier, he’s recently sworn off alcohol. “I didn’t drink until I was 25, and I never drank every day, but when I did, it was bad. It would be a couple of days that just wouldn’t work out for me, waking up with a hangover. Drink doesn’t fit into the groove of where my life is going.”

Rhys Meyers, now 30, has been in rehab twice.

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Is there a certain type of film you’d like to take on? I don’t like sci-fi—I don’t want to do anything with sci-fi. Star Wars? Star Trek? I’d rather eat turpentine and piss on a brush fire.

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“It’s not that I don’t believe in romance,” the actor said Friday while promoting the new cologne HUGO Element at Macy's in New York City. “It’s that I don’t believe in dinner for two by the ocean, walking down the beach holding hands – that version of romance.

“I think I’m probably romantic, but I’m not outwardly romantic. I’m not a player.”

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Sang some of the songs that appear in Velvet Goldmine (1998).

Has three younger brothers: Jamie O'Keefe, Paul O'Keefe and Ali O'Keefe (aka Alan).

He was born with a heart condition, and was baptized rather quickly for fear he would not live long.

Has a horse named Belle.

He changed his last name when he took up acting, taking his mother's maiden name of Meyers.

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Rhys Meyers grew up with a tumultuous childhood, spending some time in an orphanage and being permanently expelled from school at age 16. Happy to be out of school, he began spending time in a local pool hall where he was discovered by Hubbard Casting. The casting agents were talent-spotting for the David Puttnam production of War of the Buttons (1994), and asked Rhys Meyers to appear for an audition. After three days of auditions, however, he did not get the role, and Rhys Meyers gave up on his acting aspirations. Soon afterward, he received a call to audition for a national ad campaign for Knorr soup, and though embarrassed by the attention from the ad, he soon found himself considered for a major film.

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