Citelighter for Grades K-20

Citelighter works for every grade and across the curriculum.

Elementary School

Develop Writing Skills ... Early

It’s important to lay down the correct building blocks of writing at an early stage. Citelighter helps your students learn to write more effectively, even at the sentence level.

Support It with Details

Writing makes a much stronger impact when it’s filled with supporting details. Let Citelighter show yours students how to find and use story-building details with ease.

Create Manageable Steps

Writing is less intimidating when it’s chunked into smaller steps. Our scaffolding approach sets students on a proven path to independence.

Middle School

Thinking Critically

In middle school, it’s critical for students to learn higher-level thinking skills. Citelighter lets you embed guiding questions and other analysis tools directly into assignment templates to foster critical reading, writing and thinking skills.

Break Writing into Steps

Writing is easier for students when it’s broken into smaller steps. Citelighter gives you total flexibility to add or remove the “training wheels” to meet each of your students’ unique instructional needs.

Follow the Path

Combine a new writing task with a blank screen and it can be intimidating for just about any student. Our fun and easy tools help your students stay on task by creating a clear and logical path forward; one that doesn’t allow them to lose their way during the writing process.

High School

Conquering Analytical Writing

Harnessing higher-level thinking can be tough. Citelighter helps students organize their thoughts and think critically about topics as they write.

Finding Independence

Enabling students to become competent, confident writers is a key goal of secondary education. Citelighter allows you to adjust student support on a student-by-student basis, so they have the support they need to gain educational independence.

Prepping for College

Higher ed institutions expect students to handle robust research and analysis assignments. Citelighter teaches your students how to effectively find, organize, analyze, and cite information without getting lost in the writing process.

Higher Ed

Conducting Robust Research

No matter the subject area, higher ed students are expected to find quality sources of information and analyze their findings. Citelighter helps students locate and assess the best data as well as keep it organized, and ready for composition.

Instilling Higher-Level Thinking

In higher ed, simple recall isn’t enough. Students need to have a thorough command of critical, analytical, and evaluative skills. Citelighter provides a solid foundation that allows students to house and analyze information effectively.

Citing Sources

Research always requires sources to be cited and cited properly. Citelighter’s automatic bibliography creator helps students avoid plagiarism while learning how to accurately give credit to supporting documents used in their research.