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Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean, located over 460 km (290 mi) east of the coast of mainland South America. The islands are a self-governing British Overseas Territory, with the United Kingdom responsible for its defence and foreign affairs.


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Apart from gravel roads, the only other local link is the small ferry providing a regular connection between East and West Falkland for two to three weeks each month, often accompanied by a platoon of dolphins leaping in its wake as it docks at Port Howard. The ferry service devotes the rest of the time to provisioning the outer islands with goods too heavy for the small Figas planes.

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LONDON, April 1 (Agence France-Presse) — Britain expressed “continuing regret” Sunday over the 907 people killed on both sides during the Falklands War, on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the 1982 invasion of the islands by Argentina.

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Jobs like sheep-shearing and nursing are now filled by Chileans, while mixed-race people from the island of St. Helena, which lies some 2,500 miles to the northeast, take service jobs as waiters and store clerks. Just offshore, Korean, Taiwanese, Russian and Spanish ships with Indonesian, Filipino and Bangladeshi crews scoop up tons of squids, which have replaced wool and mutton as the territory’s principal export. “There are just not enough of us to do all the work that has to be done,” said Mike Summers, a member of the Falklands’ legislative council.

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...President Cristina Fernandez and her campaign for the remote South Atlantic archipelago has reached an all time high. In a speech to lead hundreds of patriotic rallies nationwide, Fernandez urged Britain to concede sovereignty of the islands, known in Latin America as "Las Malvinas."

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Britain, which has controlled the Falklands since 1833, sent forces to the islanders' defence when Argentine forces invaded on April 2, 1982. The 74-day occupation ended when British troops routed the Argentines.

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All countries of the region back Buenos Aires in its bitter dispute with London over the remote South Atlantic archipelago and oppose any British military presence in the region, Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin said in late March.

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The words used for the islands are very political. The term “Falkland Islands” is derived from Anthony Cary, 5th Viscount of Falkland. The “Falkland Islands” dates back to 1690. The term “Islas Malvinas” comes from the original French name of the island, Îles Malouines, or St. Malo Islands, named after the homeport of the settlers who landed there in 1764. Recently, the term “Islas Falklands” has come into use by the island's small Hispanic population.

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Following the war, Britain showed greatly renewed interest in the islands. Falklanders received full British citizenship, and Britain also allowed the Falklands government to declare a Conservation and Management Zone around the islands, giving the Falklands control over fishing and oil-exploration rights in that area.

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The Falklands have their own defiantly unglitzy charm, the no-nonsense air of a distant outpost where the settlers simply spider on. Residents cling to a nee of Empire, with the Union Jack proudly on display. he port town of Stanley (or, as Falklanders call it, simply Town) on East Falkland has a Victorian air, though most houses sport gaily colored tin roofs that look more like Reykjavik than Dover.

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It is believed that there is massive amount of oil and gas reserves within the territorial waters around the Falkland Islands. […] TheUnited Kingdom now controls these oil ares, sonic winning the war between itself and Argentina in 19892. […] The importance of the Falkland Islands also derives from the fishing zones. […] The squid in the waters of the islands provide much income to the residents of this area. In fact, fishing accounts for sixty percent of the Falklanders' income.

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The Falkland Islands have a rich history embracing maritime trade, missionary links, Darwinian discoveries and participation in the two World Wars. Memorials and reminders of the 1982 conflict feature significantly, but there is much more to discover about the heritage of the Islands.

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The islands have a constitution granted in 1985. The Queen is the head of state of the Falkland and is represented locally by the governor. He sits on the Executive Council and the Legislative Council, which has ten members, eight elected by universal adult suffrage on the islands.

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The present population of the islands is a unique mixture: some families are descended from shipwrecked Danish, Norwegian or Swedish seamen; some are descended from settlers from Uruguay, France, Finland or Gibraltar, but most are of British origin. Many families have lived in the islands for five or six generations, several for seven generations, and a couple even for eight or nine generations.

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The Falklands are a compact group of more than 740 Islands, situated approximately 650 kilometres (400 miles) off the south-eastern tip of South America, [...]. The total land area is approximately 12,000 square km (4,700 square miles) comprising of mountain ranges and flat plains. The two main Islands are East Falkland and West Falkland. [...] Capital City: Stanley is the capital city of the Falklands, located on East Falkland around picturesque Stanley Harbour.

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The Falkland Islands are an Independent Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, financially independent for everything except Defence services – which are provided by the UK Ministry of Defence.

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