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Grenada is an island country and Commonwealth realm consisting of the island of Grenada and six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Grenada is located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


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Optimism tends to be tinged with caution in Grenada, an island at the southern end of the Grenadines. In 1983 Ronald Reagan ordered American troops to prevent a Marxist coup and, although tourists started to trickle in over the next two decades, Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004 and the country had to start again. Developers got excited about its potential but now the crystal ball for Grenada is as murky as it is everywhere else.

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Emily comes less than a week after Hurricane Dennis caused more than two dozen deaths as it rampaged through Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and Florida.
On Thursday Emily battered the eastern Caribbean island of Grenada, ripping off roofs and flooding streets.
Grenada is still recovering from Hurricane Ivan last year, which destroyed 90% of homes.

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The government of Grenada is warning that Taiwan's aggressive effort to collect a $28 million judgment will hurt the tourism-dependent economy of the Caribbean island.
Cruise lines and airlines may halt operations in Grenada after receiving legal papers filed by American lawyers working for Taiwan in the United States compelling them to turn over any money they owe Grenada in fees or other payments, Finance Minister Nazim Burke said.
Already one cruise line has threatened to cancel its 20 stops in 2011-12 in Grenada as a result of the effort to seize port fees, Burke said in an interview Monday.

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AS CHAPTERS in the cold war went, Grenada was a small one. In 1979, Maurice Bishop, an engaging radical socialist, and his New Jewel Movement staged a coup that rid the small Caribbean island of an unsavoury dictatorship. Twenty years ago this week, he was himself overthrown and killed by a hardline pro-Moscow “Revolutionary Military Council” as the NJM split apart. After six days in which the island suffered a 24-hour curfew, Ronald Reagan, the American president, sent in 6,000 marines, accompanied by a motley battalion from seven Caribbean democracies.

Article: Grenada, then and now
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Grenada has hitherto been one of Taiwan's 26 staunch remaining allies; in most recent years, Taiwan has been the largest bilateral aid donor, and with $20m in debt, it is also the island's leading bilateral creditor. Mr Mitchell often showed his gratitude by backing Taiwan at the UN.
But he has recently made a dramatic shift. He left unexpectedly on December 10th for Beijing, explaining on his return that he had been “disappointed” with the Taiwanese for failing to be as generous as they should have been.

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From one angle, Grenada has an "exotic" flavour which appeals especially to Westerners. Known as the "Spice Island", it is the world's second-largest producer of nutmeg and is a significant producer of mace, cinnamon, ginger and cloves.
It also boasts beautiful scenery, with picturesque and fertile valleys, rainforests, fast-flowing streams, hot springs, mountain lakes, a tropical climate and excellent beaches.

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Twenty one miles long and 12 miles wide, Grenada lies just north of Trinidad and Tobago. The island declared independence from Great Britain in 1974, and today, much of its culture reflects the African roots of the black majority.
Grenada is more commonly known as the "Spice Island" and is a major exporter of cinnamon and nutmeg.

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In Grenada, they get it.
A Marxist regime on the island was overthrown by an even more menacing group of military officers. The new leadership, which was allied with Communist Cuba, was a serious threat in the eyes of American policymakers.
The military objective: Prevent that regime from gaining a foothold and rescue hundreds of American medical students on Grenada.

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While the spice industry is number one in Grenada, tourism runs a close second. Local leaders believe, to survive economically, the country must develop agriculture side-by-side with tourism. Although Grenadians believe increasing visitors is important, they want to do so without overcrowding the island and possibly harming its natural beauty.

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Grenada, a trio of small Caribbean islands and a popular tourist destination, was awash in debt in 2005. When China came calling with an offer of millions of dollars in aid if the country cut ties with diplomatic rival Taiwan, Grenada took the deal. And it was rewarded: the nation received a new cricket stadium and other pricey tokens of appreciation. But seven years later, playing up to China’s game of dollar diplomacy has come back to haunt Grenada.

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