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Obama - Minimum Wage

Obama - Minimum Wage

Obama has supported an increase to the minimum wage in prior campaign rhetoric, but never actually pushed for an improvement to that baseline standard as policy while in office.


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In 2008 candidate Obama promised to annually raise the minimum wage. But the federal minimum wage, controlled by Congress, today remains at $7.25 an hour, the same rate it has been since January of 2009 when the last round of wage increases signed into law by George Bush went into effect.

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Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.) is calling out President Obama to keep his 2008 campaign promise to raise the minimum wage.

The minimum wage is currently set at $7.25.

“In 2011, he wanted to see the minimum wage raised to $9.50. It is now 2012,” Rep. Jackson said as he announced his Catching Up to 1968 Act of 2012 bill Wednesday outside of the Capitol building as reported by the Daily Caller.

“I’m calling on President Barack Obama to honor his campaign commitment of 2008 to stand behind legislation that raises the minimum wage for the American people a little more than he requested in 2008 because the numbers and the economy reflect that $10 is not an unreasonable starting point,” the Democrat state representative added.

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"Will further raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2011, index it to inflation and increase the Earned Income Tax Credit to make sure that full-time workers can earn a living wage that allows them to raise their families and pay for basic needs such as food, transportation, and housing."

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As part of his ongoing executive action campaign, President Obama today announced new rules to provide minimum wage and overtime protections for the nearly 1.8 million workers who provide in-home care to the elderly.

“As the home-care business has changed over the years, the law hasn’t changed to keep up. So even though workers … do everything from bathing to cooking, they’re still lumped in the same category as teenage babysitters when it comes to how much they make,” Obama said at a “We Can’t Wait” event at the White House. “That’s just wrong. In this country, it’s inexcusable.”

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