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Romney - Foreign Aid

Romney - Foreign Aid

When it comes to foreign aid, Romney is a proponent of economic and humanitarian aid as a foreign policy tool to secure strategic interests. Both he and Paul Ryan propose significant cuts to foreign aid.


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Ryan's plan would cut foreign affairs spending from $47.8 billion in 2012 to $43 billion in 2013. Ryan wants to shrink those funds, used for the State Department and for development work in other nations, until 2016, when it would bottom out at $38 billion. He proposes steady increases after that--but significantly smaller than his desired military funding hikes.

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(From the Ryan Plan) "Funding to ‘peripheral foreign affairs institutions’ such as the Inter-American Foundation, the African Development Foundation, the East-West Center, the Asia Foundation, and the Center for Middle Eastern-Western Dialogue are to be cut for being ‘redundant.’ Feed the Future would be cut and disaster assistance funding would see a significant reduction."

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Mr. Romney urged what he described as “a new type of Marshall Plan” that would deliver economic aid, public health aid and other assistance to Islamic states struggling to resist violent extremists.

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Governor Romney ‘has said little about development assistance,’ and that it is ‘unlikely that aid will form a central part’ of a Romney administration policy framework. A review of Governor Romney’s campaign material suggests that he has in mind a most dramatic and important reform of how US foreign aid is managed, which goes far beyond the modest and marginal changes the Obama administration has made at the US Department of State and USAID. Quoting from the website, a Romney administration would ‘work with Congress and relevant executive branch agencies to place unified budgetary and directive authority under one official responsible for all diplomatic and assistance programs within a particular region. These will be designed to mirror the regional military combatant commands.’

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US Republican candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney on Tuesday called on the US to cut aid to the Palestinians, and blamed US President Barack Obama for causing the current "diplomatic crisis" at the UN. Romney said that he believes the US should "cut foreign assistance to the Palestinians, as well as re-evaluate its funding of UN programs and its relationship with any nation voting in favor of recognition" for Palestinians at the UN.

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"This galls me: We give 10 million dollars in foreign aid a year to China," Romney said during a speech earlier this month. "Its not that they're bad people, but the idea that a nation that is as large and robust and economically viable as theirs is getting money from us just makes no sense at all."

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Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney has been more nuanced, saying in his campaign’s foreign policy white paper that U.S. foreign assistance efforts are largely squandered by a “balkanized scheme” of Washington bureaucracy. He suggests streamlining agencies and reporting lines to improve planning and implementation. In a debate last October, Romney appeared to endorse foreign aid connected to U.S. strategic objectives while questioning humanitarian assistance.

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Mr. Romney endorsed defense-related foreign aid, but then seemed to suggest that the United States outsource to China its humanitarian assistance. “I happen to think it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to borrow money from the Chinese to go give to another country for humanitarian aid,” Mr. Romney said. “We ought to get the Chinese to take care of the people.”

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Under President Romney, the U.S. foreign aid budget would shrink. He has said, “I will stop sending money to any country that can take care of itself. And no foreign aid will go to countries that oppose American interests.”

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The leading Republican candidates said Saturday night that they'd begin their foreign aid budget as zero, and declined to commit to continuing the United States' massive funding for Israel -- not to mention Egypt and other countries."I agree with Governor Perry. Start everything at zero," Romney chimed in, in response to a question about Pakistan. ["Governor Romney was talking about Pakistan when he said the foreign aid each year should start at zero," Romney spokesman Ryan Williams tells me, adding that Romney does not think aid to Israel should start at zero.]

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