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Romney - Lobbyists

Romney - Lobbyists

Lobbyist bundlers have raised nearly $3 million for Mitt Romney.


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Though it’s been widely noted that 22 lobbyist bundlers have raised nearly $3 million for the Romney campaign, last week’s report focuses on who among Romney’s campaign advisers have ties to lobbying firms, Bronstein-Moffly said. Ten current and former lobbyists (three are current lobbyists; seven are former lobbyists) are directly affiliated with the Romney campaign as advisers and staffers, the report found.

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At Monday's debate in Florida, Romney tried to portray Gingrich as a lobbyist, saying that "it was the head lobbyist with Freddie Mac with whom he had a contract." Gingrich maintained that "I have never, ever done any lobbying" for the company, and that he was doing strictly "consulting work."
"If you're paid by health companies that could benefit by this change, you can call it anything you like," Romney said. "I call it influence peddling."

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Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who has been attacking former House speaker Newt Gingrich and former senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania for being Washington insiders, hosted a $10,000-a-head event with lobbyists and industry executives yesterday at the JW Marriott in Washington.
The event comes as questions of influence and lobbying are taking a larger role in the campaign.

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Mr. Romney’s campaign held an elaborate “policy round table” fund-raiser at a Washington hotel, featuring panel discussions run by lobbyists and former cabinet officials or members of Congress.
James Talent, a former senator who runs the lobbying and public affairs firm Mercury Public Affairs, led a panel on infrastructure, according to an invitation. William Hansen, a former deputy secretary of education who is president of the lobbying firm Chartwell Education Group, led the education panel.

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All 15 are active fundraisers for Romney. Patrick J. Durkin, who lobbies for Barclays, for example, raised $254,825, according to reports filed by the Romney campaign. Robert Grand, of the lobbying firm Barnes & Thornberg, raised $110,050; William Mark Simmons and David Beightol, both of the Dutko Group, raised $69,260 and $54,200 respectively; Wayne Berman and Drew Maloney, both in the Ogilvy Government Affairs firm, raised $101,600 and $56,750, respectively.

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- While no Romney, Ryan is a wealthy man, with a variety of stock holdings that include such well-known companies and lobbying forces as McDonald’s, Nike, Praxair, Ralph Lauren, Starbucks, Google, Wells Fargo, Altria, Philip Morris, Apple and ExxonMobil, Dave reports:
- Ryan is no stranger to K Street, as he and his wife, Janna, both worked on Capitol Hill and have long-standing relationships with several staffers-turned-lobbyists and veteran influence peddlers, Anna writes:

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Lobbyists giving to Romney work for a host of industries, many of whom would benefit from policies the Republican presidential candidate touts.
The list includes financial services companies lobbying for a loosening of new rules in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, including Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and the industry trade group the American Bankers Association. It includes fossil fuel energy companies working to roll back Environmental Protection Agency regulations and open up more land for drilling, mining and fracking, like Koch Industries, Duke Energy, Chevron, Chesapeake Energy, BP, Exxon Mobil and the American Petroleum Institute.

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Unlike President Obama, Romney has declined to reveal the names of the big fundraisers bundling checks for his campaign. But by law, he has to disclose the identities of lobbyists who are acting as bundlers.
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the biggest lobbyist bundler for Romney so far has been Patrick J. Durkin, the Washington lobbyist for the British bank Barclays, which is currently under investigation as part of a global rate-fixing scandal. So far, Durkin has bundled $1.45 million for the GOP challenger, and is set to co-host a fundraiser for him in London next week.

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Other lobbyists serve on one of Mr. Romney’s policy advisory teams, have hosted fund-raisers for his campaign or have joined the many influential Republicans whose endorsements Mr. Romney’s campaign has hailed. Among them are David Wilkins, a former United States ambassador to Canada who lobbies for the Canadian oil industry, and Stephen Rademaker, a former State Department official who lobbies for the defense contractor General Dynamics.

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Even while decrying both his opponents' work as a consultants or lobbyists, Romney has pulled in more money from Washington lobbyists than any other candidate in the race for the Republican nomination. The Romney campaign received $554,044 from 325 lobbyists and the political action committees of 38 lobbying firms that collectively represent more than 1,400 clients, according to The Huffington Post's analysis of contribution disclosure forms filed with the Secretary of the Senate.

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