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Romney - South Korea

Romney - South Korea

Mitt Romney has said little about South Korea directly, but has implied that he supports them. He is in favor of the free trade agreement brought about by the Obama administration. He is also in favor of opposing North Korea, which would require close cooperation with South Korea.


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The linkage between freedom and economic development has a universal applicability. One only has to look at the contrast between East and West Germany, and between North and South Korea for the starkest demonstrations of the meaning of freedom and the absence of freedom.

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Romney supports the existing trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia (on this point, the President agrees). And he wants to finish off the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Obama also supports.

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Governor Romney asserts that President Obama has refused to pass free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea because he is hoping to get a Trade Adjustment Assistance passed as well. The TAA would pay for re-eduction and training for workers who lose their jobs due to trade, and Governor Romney states that the trade policies would actually create new jobs for people.

If elected President, Romney's plan states that he would sign the pending deals with South Korea, Columbia, and Panama and seek new trade deals with countries like India and Brazil.

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Romney supports free trade and wants to open up foreign markets to American goods and services...

Romney supported the trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

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As detailed in his book, Believe in America, Mitt Romney will also pursue deeper economic cooperation among like-minded nations around the world that are genuinely committed to the principles of open markets through the formation of a “Reagan Economic Zone.” The benefits of this zone — which will codify principles of free trade — will be a powerful magnet that draws in an expanding circle of nations seeking greater access to other markets.

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Kim Jong Il was a ruthless tyrant who lived a life of luxury while the North Korean people starved. He recklessly pursued nuclear weapons, sold nuclear and missile technology to other rogue regimes, and committed acts of military aggression against our ally South Korea. He will not be missed.

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The chief position paper on Mr. Romney’s website on the region is titled “China & East Asia.”

...In the other two, Japan is cited as one of America’s Asian allies — each time listed after South Korea.

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Mitt Romney will discuss with China how the international community will address the humanitarian and security issues that will arise should North Korea disintegrate. And by reinvigorating our military and counter-proliferation relationships with South Korea, Japan, and others regional allies, he will demonstrate to the Chinese that they should join the coordinated effort or be left behind.

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We should be assisting partners that require help to enhance their defensive capabilities. The Department of Defense should reconsider recent decisions not to sell top-of-the-line equipment to our closest Asian allies.

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In 1993, Romney invested in a company that ran call centers for technology companies. “Initially, CSI employed U.S. workers to provide these services but by the mid-1990s was setting up call centers outside the country.”
In a venture related to CSI, Romney’s firm controlled and profited from Modus Media, a company that specialized in outsourcing. That included helping US companies open manufacturing in Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

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