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Citelighter Launches Premium Product to Streamline Research for Students; Partnership with Questia Enables Access to Vast Content Archive

September 16, 2012
Source: Citelighter Press

Citelighter, the company responsible for the intuitive and easy-to-use fully automated research and citation tool, has released its newest educational product offering aimed at making research more credible, efficient, and productive. With a scheduled release of September 17, 2012, Citelighter Class allows users to access a repository of paid content—millions of credible academic articles from journals, magazines, newspapers, and transcripts, from more than 6,500 dating publications back over 25 years—for only $10 a month, directly from Citelighter.

Citelighter Is Like a Highlighter for the Internet

January 04, 2012
Source: Citelighter Press

Citelighter attempts to solve this conundrum by giving students a note-collecting toolbar that sticks with them as they navigate the web. After downloading a free Firefox plugin, students can highlight any text on any web page and click a "capture" button to save it in a virtual notebook. When it's time to write, they can visit it to view all of their highlights from across the web, reorder them and add comments to create an outline. The app automatically puts together a citation page.

A New Study Aid, Citelighter, Hitches A Ride To Campus With CollegeHumor

August 23, 2011
Source: Citelighter Press

The New York City educational tech startup Citelighter, cofounded by Saad Alam and Lee Jokl in 2010, has been testing their product in closed beta since May. It's a web research tool that grabs highlighted text from sites and stores it in an online account, complete with detailed citation info, for later use in term papers. For now, Citelighter is a free plug-in for the Firefox browser, but Chrome and Safari versions are also in the works.