Citelighter’s Tools for Principals:

The school that writes well, succeeds.

Discover the Benefits of a Unified Platform.

Our all-in-one solution empowers all your classrooms to master writing skills across the entire curriculum with ease – from Science to Shakespeare.

Take Advantage of Data to Improve Your School.

Finally, get the actionable information you need about your students’ writing skills at the class and individual level, so you can remediate quickly or implement professional development appropriately.

"On a traditional 5 point rubric, we tested kids where they started, and what we saw is at minimum a 2 point gain over the course of a 12 week trimester. Well that’s a pretty significant gain for the next step in their educational life which is college"

Gary Bigger,Principal Lincoln High School

Check Early & Check Often. Without losing class time.

Easily monitor student progress for SBAC, PARCC, and STAAR without taking away from regular instruction or creating uncomfortable testing situations.

Find a Lifetime Achievement Partner
You Can Trust.

The Citelighter team is committed to helping your school achieve academic excellence through writing mastery.


"And I’ve got 9-year-old students in 3rd grade doing research papers. Who does a research paper in 3rd grade?"

Patricia,Baltimore County Principal of the Year, Norwood STEM Elementary
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With Citelighter, you also get:

  • Optimized for
    Writing Standards

    CCSS, TEKS, SOLs, or other state standards? We have comprehensive content and easy-to-use rubrics that are designed especially for you and your teachers.

  • Infinite Feedback

    With multiple feedback methods for every stage of the prewriting, drafting, or final draft process, you’ll equip your teachers with the support necessary for success.

  • Differentiated
    Writing Experience

    Whether it’s independent, group, or whole-class writing, we provide the help you need in every circumstance.

  • Target Skill Gaps

    Easy-to-read data lets your teachers effortlessly identify and erase students writing gaps with ease.

Enjoy the view... of the whole school.

Citelighter’s suite of pioneering reporting tools like Cognitive Prints opens an exciting real-time window into writing instruction across your entire school. By equipping you with a quantified analysis of student thinking and writing, you will gain unprecedented access into both the instructional process and the overall student writing, researching, and learning experience.

Plus, since Citelighter allows you to aggregate writing data at the student, class, grade, and school levels, you will be able to track growth by standard throughout the school year and, if needed, provide professional development opportunities for your teachers or skill remediation for your students well before high-stakes assessment time.

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