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Metaphysical medicine

Metaphysical medicine

Metaphysics is concerned with explaining the ultimate nature of reality, being, and the world. In medicine, such practices as therapeutic touch, homeopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathy involve hypotheses and treatments that have not been accepted by the conventional, science-based medical community through the normal course of empirical testing.


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When the terms qi (oxygen), mai (vessel) and jie (neurovascular node) are properly translated, it becomes clear that there is no disagreement between ancient Chinese medical theory and contemporary principles of anatomy and physiology. Chinese medicine is not a metaphysical, energy medicine but instead a “flesh and bones” medicine concerned with the proper flow of oxygen and blood through the vascular system.

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Metaphysics is a philosophy that methodically investigates the nature of first principles and problems of ultimate reality. Its link with the physical is critical to permanent healing and is by no means contraindicated in conjunction with conventional healing. On the contrary, it is medicine’s most valuable teammate.

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Harmonyum is bio-metaphysical medicine that can be used in the treatment of a wide range of diseases, including genetic diseases, as well as immune system deficiencies, brain problems and blood disorders. Harmonyum is a science that cannot be taught, it can only be transmitted. With transmissions, the single most important factor is that the original seed is mystically activated in the recipient in order to awaken the threefold soul, born of the threefold spirit, from the threefold body into self consciousness and self knowledge.

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The recognition of the importance to health of the environment is the product of a fruitful, productive imagination, penetrating observations and rich and well-documented experiences. Here Hippocrates gives a convincing "physical" explanation of the cause of disease and transforms metaphysical medicine into an art and introduces a more rational direction to the study of disease. After the Second World War, 2500 years later, these ideas were recognized in the new emphasis in medicine toward prevention within a framework of both individual and public health.

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"I've learned that there is little or no use trying to reason with believers in metaphysical medicine, especially those who believe there is a conspiracy to destroy 'alternative medicine.' According to the 'true' believers, mainstream doctors are wedded to outmoded thinking and refuse to accept the reality that 'alternative medicine works.' All you have to do is eat macrobiotically, practice visualization techniques, take homeopathic medicine, think happy thoughts, go for acupuncture treatments, take herbal baths, become a vegetarian, don't eat refined sugar and meditate; I wish that it were that easy."

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The word metaphysical is derived from a Greek word meaning an idea, doctrine or reality outside of human sense perception. Metaphysics are hard to define with modern science, as many of the concepts are based on feelings, energy and personal awareness.

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Metaphysical medicine is described as 'the causes and treatment of disease believed to arise from pathologies of what is known in occultism as the second body or the non-material substratum of the human organism. It covers arcane medical theory and abstract speculation, orthodox and unorthodox, relating to the effects of sickness on the mind, the association between disease and genius, and the role of disease in history. It is also extended to include the ethical principles that underlie medical practice, and all aspects of medical morality, ancient and modern.'

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Unconventional medicine in ancient Arab-Islamic civilization was characterized as metaphysical and was also sometimes gnostic, practiced by those who believed in gnosticism. It was supernatural, abstruse, and marked by unconventional imagery. It was popular, inexpensive, widely accepted, commonly liked, and approved. It related to the general public, was easy to understand, and suited the means of the majority.

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A middle ground between demonology and objective science, called metaphysical medicine, postulates no anthropomorphic forces but moves in a field of abstract intellectual conceptions rather than in a world of physical fact. The qualities which are common to magic and science and those which distinguish these two points of view have direct bearing on our understanding of superstition in the world of today.

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Metaphysical medicine embodied a theory of natural laws but excluded scientific principles such as observation and the repeatability of phenomena. The moon, stars and planets were considered to affect health. Divination, practised by the Babylonians using sheep livers, and the 'Doctrine of Signatures' which suggested a similarity between the disease and its cure – for example using toads to treat warts – were notable metaphysical developments.

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