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Attractiveness or attraction refers to a quality that causes an interest or desire in something or someone.


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Studies have shown that men tend to prefer feminine faces. But women tend to vary in what they find attractive. Some women prefer masculine men while some women prefer feminine men.
This appears to be partly due to hormonal factors. Women demonstrate stronger preferences for masculine men during the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle than at other times.

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The attractiveness of mixed-race individuals should be compared with that of their parents using non-arbitrary standards. This is very difficult in several cases. For instance, if the parental races are very different looking, and the mixed-race offspring look in between, then the exacting beauty standards that apply to the race of one parent could not be applied to the race of the other parent, and both exacting beauty standards could not be applied to the offspring. On the other hand, in cases of race mixing where one parent is white and the other a black African or Chinese, the offspring overwhelmingly look like the non-white parent, and their beauty is best compared to that of their non-white parent.

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Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman says science and evolution plays a larger role in attraction than people might think. "We are capable of discerning 10,000 different scents consciously," she says. "But then there's a whole realm of unconscious scents that we're not even aware that we're smelling."

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In particular, typicality, attractiveness, gender, and race of faces have been found to influence the accuracy of face recognition ability in adults (for an overview, see Narby, Cutler, & Penrod, 1996). Such characteristics of faces could be presumed to influence younger perceivers as well. In the present study, we examined the effect of attractiveness and gender of faces on the ability of preadolescents to recognize faces of unknown peers.

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Averageness has been shown to be attractive in shape alone using caricatures that can either exaggerate the differences between the shape of a face and an average face shape making faces more distinctive or, in an anti-caricature, move a face closer to the average of the population. Using original, caricatured, and anti-caricatured line-- drawn faces, Rhodes and Tremewan (1996) found that as manipulated averageness increased, so did rated attractiveness.

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Although the accuracy of the subjective impact estimates cannot be assessed independent of rank order, this finding is consistent with the contention that subjects are reluctant to admit the impact o f physical attractiveness.
The finding that both groups ranked physical attractiveness as most important (i.e., no group difference in the absolute errors for physical attractiveness) contradicts surve y studies in which physical attractiveness was ranked by as relatively unimportant (e.g., Miller & Rivenbark, 1970).

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Studies examining the social attractiveness of users are worth further investigation. Lampe, Ellison and Steinfield (2007) found that Facebook profiles divulging more personal information were also linked to a larger network of friends. Therefore, personal Facebook features such as profile content, profile picture, and the number of pictures a user is tagged in, most of which have not yet been extensively studied in SNS contexts, might influence social attractiveness.

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As individuals perceive more attractive candidate-mates in their local environment, they should value physical attractiveness more in their romantic partners. If there were few attractive options, individuals would be hard-pressed to find a satisfactory mate and thus would have fewer chances to date or mate with physically attractive others. Therefore, I predicted that participant's ratings of the physical attractiveness of local candidate-mates would correlate with how much participants value physical attractiveness in their long-term romantic partners.

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Face attractiveness relates positively to the mathematical averageness of a face, but how close attractive faces of varying groups are to their own and to other-group prototypes in the face space remains unclear. In two studies, we modeled the locations of attractive and unattractive Caucasian, Asian, and African faces in participants' face space using multidimensional scaling analysis. In all three sets of faces, facial attractiveness significantly increased with the absolute proximity of a face to its group prototype.

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Part of what determines how much success you will have in the dating world is whether you have a good sense of whether people find you attractive. A new study, which will be published in an upcoming issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, finds that certain personality traits contribute to being a good judge of whether someone else thinks you’re worth meeting again.

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