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Homophobia is a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards homosexuality and people who are identified or perceived as being homosexual. Although the suffix -phobia normally refers to irrational fear, definitions of homophobia have expanded to refer also to antipathy, prejudice, contempt, and aversion, as well as irrational fear.


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“Rick Santorum clearly sees homosexuality for what the Bible, Rome, Bob Jones University and even Salt Lake City have always regarded it, as a very serious form of sexual sin like adultery or incest,” the Rev. Huey Mills, a Lancaster pastor and principal of a Christian school, said in a statement. “Romney's position on homosexuality, on the other hand, is probably a bigger scandal to traditionalist Mormons than it is to those of us who've always seen Mormonism, with its interesting historic approaches to sexuality and polygamy, as pretty heretical.

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If you knew of a serial killer who butchered teenagers by the score, leaving some survivors scarred for life, you'd take steps immediately to stop the carnage. Not, apparently, if you were one of the decision makers at the Vancouver School Board. They recently cut the budget for the work of their one anti-homophobia and diversity consultant in half, despite the murderous toll that depression and teen suicide exact on queer kids here and around the world.

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John Amaechi described anti-gay sentiment in sporting institutions and on the pitch as a "massive problem" that was often ignored or "relegated".
He said: "I think people approach bigotry like there's a hierarchy. Homophobia has always been to the bottom of that ladder.

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While no one should be surprised that homophobia still exists in schools, the report highlights the extent of homophobia and its impact on young students, and discovered some surprising data.
Girls and young women are more likely than boys and young men to suffer harassment because of their sexual orientation. That surprised the researchers, who said the popular misconception is that straight boys are more likely to be bullies, and have the opportunity to bully gay boys in gym locker rooms and washrooms where there is no adult supervision.

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Contemporary media representations of lesbians and gay men arguably continue to perpetuate homophobia (albeit it in more sophisticated and subtle ways than in the past), while bisexual people largely remain invisible, and instances of discrimination against transpeople appear to be the new black. So, more of the same then, you ask? At one level, yes: research on discrimination against nonheterosexual and non-gender normative people within the media has long highlighted the complex ways in which discrimination occurs.

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McCann et al., (2009, p. 217) conclude that homophobia is "a learnt attribute concerned with policing the boundaries of our modern concept of masculinity". Growing up and living in a culture that is at best ambivalent toward homosexuality and at its worst violent to homosexuals, means that all people, whether they are conscious of it or not, are exposed to many negative attitudes and messages about homosexuality.

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Additionally, current research has shown that homophobic attitudes are more common among heterosexual males than heterosexual females (Lance, 2002, p. 2). Moreover, most studies on homophobia have focused either on the son (Ben-Ari, 1995; Muller, 1987), on both parents as a unit without distinction (Anderson, 1987; Bernstein, 1995; De Vine, 1984; Vargo, 1998), or on the mothers alone (Ben-Ari, 1995; Holtzen & Agresti, 1990). Knowledge about fathers' reactions to their sons' homosexuality is scarce, despite the fact that fathers have been found to be more homophobic than mothers (Boxer, Cook, & Herdt, 1991).

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Despite recent critical acclaim, the filmmakers agreed Turkey still has a long way to go before it overcomes deeply entrenched institutional homophobia.
According to Article 17 of the health regulations of the Turkish Armed Forces, homosexuality is considered a "psychosexual deviance."
All Turkish men are required to perform military service. But gay men can be exempted from conscript duty provided they first prove their homosexuality.

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Actor Max Adler's character on "Glee" was introduced as a bullying jock who tormented gay classmate Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer.
However, fans of the show have since learned that his homophobia was perhaps fueled by his own inner turmoil.
It is revealed in the Never Been Kissed episode, that Dave Karofsky, Adler’s character, is gay after he passionately kisses Kurt. Karofsky later survives a suicide attempt when his father finds him hanging and resuscitates him.

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Ecuador, for example, used to run a network of “clinics” where lesbians were sometimes abused in the guise of being made heterosexual. A petition denouncing this practice gathered more than 100,000 signatures, leading Ecuador to close the clinics, announce a national advertising campaign against homophobia, and appoint a gay-rights activist as health minister.

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