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Mob Psychology

Mob Psychology

Crowd or mob psychology is a branch of social psychology. Ordinary people can typically gain direct power by acting collectively.


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With all the elements that confirm Gustave Le Bon’s theory of mob psychology — unfounded statements, stirring rhetoric, chants and efforts to establish an “us” versus a “them” mentality — the event was the local illustration of the tumult this incident has caused nationwide.

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Throughout the book, she cites the father of mob psychology, French scientist Gustave Le Bon, whom liberals now try to discredit, when she points to modern day examples of liberal mob mentality. While Coulter goes as far back to the days of Jesus Christ's casting out of demons and his crucifixion later on to show that the dangerous nature mobs were documented in the Bible, she keeps her focus on modern day personalities who whip liberals into a frenzy.

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"I'm not talking about individual behaviour, it's the group yell, and that's what I hope will be moderated. It just gets worse and worse, and you get a kind of mob psychology. It doesn't do anyone any good, and it certainly doesn't do much for the reputation of politics and politicians," Mr. Blaikie said.
Last week, the always chaotic atmosphere of Question Period hit a low during an acrimonious session that saw half a dozen MPs, ministers and even Prime Minister Jean Chr tien (Saint-Maurice, Que.) himself rebuked by House Speaker Gib Parent (Niagara Centre, Ont.) for using fighting words -- or, in Parliamentary terms, unparliamentary language -- in the House.

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Mob-mindedness may be so strong now precisely because we are learning so much more about ourselves and how to keep command of ourselves, she believes. Democracy, a new thing on the planet these last 200 years, offers freedoms and rights that can teach people to live and think flexibly.

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Would these girls have been fighting if they hadn't had an audience? Does our society wish to condone such violence?
It's exactly the group psychology and mob mentality of these "innocent bystanders" that led to the beating death of high school student Reena Virk in Victoria. By failing to back up their principal in enforcing zero-tolerance of violence, the parents of the suspended students simply pave the way for the perpetuation of this sort of nonsense.

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This Canadian Idol thing is all about crowds and mob psychology.
The build-up to Canadian Idol was all about large crowds gathering at the various audition centres across Canada. Everybody has seen newspaper photos or TV footage of tens of thousands of people gathered to audition. It's all about a mob of people gathering together and experiencing a certain kind of power because they are in a group. Inside the crowd, people know how to behave. Shyness disappears.

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The surge in stock prices Friday had a little to do with economics and a lot to do with mob psychology, as even the participants will admit.
Money managers have developed a near-fixation with the Commerce Department's monthly report on the nation's imbalance between imports and exports, the same way they eagerly awaited the weekly money supply report a few years ago.
When the trade deficit is low, they buy. When it is high, they sell.

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Mob psychology takes over and "responsibility and conscience get submerged," he said. "It becomes a carnival atmosphere with a lot of excitement, a lot of emotional feeling about taking control of the situation, being in dominant position and feeling less helpless."

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Much stock market investment isn't based on so-called fundamentals. Those who prosper in the market are making bets about how others will perceive a situation, and a mob psychology easily emerges.

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Recent incidents of what the media has dubbed “flash mob crime” have led to greater focus on crowd control and mob response among law enforcement departments nationwide. While flash mob crime might be a relatively new concept, it’s just the latest manifestation of a well-known kind of crime — mob violence.
“Riots, mobs and related violence are common crimes we're all familiar with in law enforcement,” says Thomas Milner, a University of Phoenix instructor in Criminal Justice and Security who also serves as a commander in the Newark, Calif., police department.

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