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Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis, Jr. (born March 11, 1993) is an American college basketball player at the University of Kentucky. He has completed his freshman season for the 2011–12 Kentucky Wildcats and declared for the 2012 NBA Draft.


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But the comparisons don't stop there. Anthony Davis will almost assuredly be the No. 1 overall draft pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. If the the 2007 NBA Draft could be done over today, Kevin Durant would be the top selection too, but the Portland Trailblazers accidentally selected Greg Oden No. 1 overall.

If you stood Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant next to one another, you'd notice they had even more in common. They're both tall and long, like, really long. Kevin Durant is 6'9" with a 7'5" wingspan. Anthony Davis is 6'10" with a 7'4" wingspan. And Davis compares very favorably to Durant in terms of college accomplishments, but while performing the eye test on him, their games are very, very different.

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Standing 6-10 in shoes, with a 7-4 wingspan, and arguably the most impressive blend of athletic tools we've seen in a big man prospect in our nine years evaluating the NBA draft, Davis is one of the most physically gifted players on this planet at the moment.

He runs the floor incredibly well, is outrageously quick and explosive off his feet, moves extremely smooth and fluidly, and perhaps best of all, is more than willing to use his gifts to his advantage on seemingly every possession.

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The Kentucky freshman had to make the circuit of Player of the Year presentations Friday, not that he was complaining.

"There were a lot of awards yesterday and today," Davis said with a big smile. "It's a great feeling, especially as a freshman. I've been working hard and now it's rewarding."

Davis became the first Kentucky player and second freshman to be selected The Associated Press' Player of the Year. He picked up his latest trophy, along with Coach of the Year Frank Haith of Missouri.

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Kentucky's Anthony Davis has been selected the Most Outstanding Player at the Final Four after dominating defensively in Monday night's NCAA championship game.

The freshman forward had a rough night on offense, scoring six points on 1-of-10 shooting. He made up for it with defense, tying a championship game record with six blocked shots and altering several others in Kentucky's 67-59 win over Kansas.

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When the Hornets make Davis the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft June 28, the Kentucky big man and New Orleans big boss will be linked for the foreseeable future, their fates inexorably intertwined. The pair will share a work place, home area code and, potentially, an income tax bracket.

Davis will be the future face of Benson’s new franchise.

Benson will be the future signatory on Davis’ rather large paychecks.

“If I get drafted, it’d be great to win another championship in New Orleans,” said Davis, who just two months earlier led the University of Kentucky to its eighth NCAA title at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. “Great city. If I get drafted (by New Orleans), it’d be awesome.”

The “if” is a forgone conclusion.

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Anthony Davis belongs on the 2012 U.S. Olympic basketball team. It would be good for him and for the team.

Davis is on the U.S. roster. However, there are currently 22 players on that roster, and only 12 will be playing in the Olympics...His inexperience will not even be noticeable when he is surrounded by these guys. Davis will just be a part of the team, bringing youthful exuberance. Well, that and length and defense...Along with Chandler, Davis is the only player in this group that will be all too happy to go out and focus on defense and rebounding. Teams need that kind of presence. There are not enough basketballs to go around to use everyone's offensive skills, but you can never have too much defense.

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I guess Anthony Davis felt like he hadn’t done enough to prove himself during his freshman season, so the 6’10″ forward/center decided to break an NCAA record on top of everything else.

During the first half of the national championship game against Kansas, Davis broke the NCAA freshman block record by swatting away three shots in the first 12 minutes. With 8:01 left in the first half, he rolled over to help Terrence Jones against Kansas’ Thomas Robinson and knocked the ball away.

That third swat gave Davis 183 blocks on the season. The previous record was set by Marshall’s Hassan Whiteside with 182 blocks in 34 games back in 2010. To be fair, the title game was Davis’ 40th contest of the year.

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"Anthony is a tremendous shot blocker with great size and length. He can make 3-pointers, dribble the ball and he can get up and down the court faster than some of our guards because of his long, looping strides. He's a different player than Marcus Camby, but he's physically ahead of where Marcus was to start his freshman season."
-- Head coach John Calipari

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Davis was born and raised in Chicago Illinois, playing his HS ball at Perspective Charter High. He stood at just 6'0" as a freshman, with an opposing coach having since noted that, "'most of the coaches on the South Side knew him as the little guy who would shoot threes from the corner in junior high.'' He grew to 6'4" as a sophomore and 6'8" as a junior without any resultant injury troubles, and he grew to combine his guard skills with his increased stature. Ahead of his subsequent recruitment to Kentucky, Davis quickly became the #1 rated HS prospect according to a number of services, ahead of Austin Rivers.

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Not only is Davis not offended by the attention his unibrow has received, he insists he finds most of it hilarious.

"I just embrace it," Davis said Thursday. "The fans enjoy it and the signs are everywhere now. They've been making everything out of it. I've even seen a baby with a unibrow on Twitter. So these fans are nuts, but I love it."

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Anthony Davis Highlights 2011-2012

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