Citelighter’s Tools for Students:

Make Writing More Intuitive.

Feeling Lost? Citelighter shows you the way.

Eliminate those blank screen blues. Simply drag and drop your thoughts and watch as a perfectly-organized outline appears to help you see the Big Picture before you start composing.

"So it’s almost like a map, and it tells you how to write things."

Gabi,11th grader at West Morris

Need a Helping Hand? Find it fast.

If you’re feeling stuck, start up a confidential conversation with your teacher at any point during the writing process to get the help you need to let the words flow.

Where Does Your Time Go? We can tell you!

Not sure how to tackle the latest assignment? Our personalized “instant replay” infographics show exactly how you approached and completed all your past assignments ... so you can map out a strategy for success.

"It would help me in my writing because it would help me bring my thoughts together, it's more fun,and you will be inspired."

Vasili,3rd Grader Norwood STEM Elementary

Copying & Pasting Got You Down? Here’s the lift you need.

Want to capture words and pictures from the Internet like a pro? Just highlight, click, and we’ll instantly pop them into your outline. We’ll also help you cite correctly, too, so you can avoid plagiarizing.

Got an Outline?
Bring it to life.

Transform your outline into a living, breathing composition by exporting it into Google Docs™ (or Microsoft Word®). We preserve your comments, ideas, pictures, and quotes from the outline to make your writing jump off the screen.

"Having everything in one place helps students stay organized, and I can easily write."

Kate,11th Grader West Morris High

"It does not allow you to not know what you are doing since the Citelighter Template guides you step by step through the process. It helps you get your thoughts across if you weren’t able to do that before"

Sam,11th Grade Student Lincoln High School
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With Citelighter, you also get:

  • Automatic

    Let us take care of the bibliography so you can focus on your writing.

  • Video-based

    Need a quick reminder of how to write an amazing thesis? Just click, watch, and you’re ready to roll.

  • Writing Templates

    Your teachers can assign hundreds of fun writing templates to help you structure your thoughts.

  • Rubrics-based

    Get the feedback you need in a way that’s easy to understand and simple to use.