Lincoln Street Alternative High School


"Students seem confident in their writing now."

A 40% improvement in Writing Scores after Only Three Months

With a mission to help kids who don’t fit into traditional settings, Lincoln Street is an ethnically-diverse alternative high school located in the heart of Detroit.

When school officials wanted to increase writing rigor, fluency, stamina, and coherency to better sync up with Common Core Literacy standards, they turned to Citelighter for help.

And the results were impressive.

Over a period of six months, data collected from 50 Lincoln Street students at the starting, midpoint, endpoint of the unit showed that 92% of students increased their scores by 2 out of 5 points, or a total of 40% improvement after using Citelighter.

Students reported feeling empowered and better able to read, analyze, and interpret content-driven information. By year’s end, Citelighter had become a central hub where teachers could set up, review and grade assignments, and students could conduct research for writing projects and get support with developing valuable writing skills.

Watch the Case Study

Find out how the Lincoln Street team improved writing scores.

Citelighter creates high student
engagement ratesTotal Hours Spent per Student Over 2 Week Period:


*Please note that this represents the outcomes for a particular classroom and Citelighter cannot guarantee the same performance. However, this information should be used to understand what is possible if Citelighter is used as instructed.

What the students are saying:

"It does not allow you to not know what you are doing because the Citelighter template guides you through the process. It helps you get your thoughts across if you weren’ t able to do that before."

Gabe Everett,11th Grade Student

What the teachers are saying:

"Their confidence in themselves as writers and thinkers soared, not just in the class where Citelighter was introduced and used most often, but across all subjects."

Kelley Andersen,English teacher
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