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I now post "Who says third graders can't write a research paper?" on my door because I want the parents to see.

Who Says Third Graders Can’t Write Research Papers?

The third grade team at Norwood wanted their students to gather information about an inventor. But, because their students were so young, the teachers were unsure if the students would be able to handle online research and writing.

However, within two days, students had not only mastered Citelighter’s intuitive interface for research, they also were so excited by the project that many of them downloaded Citelighter onto their home computers so they could keep working in the evening.

When asked by their teachers if they wanted to use their data to write a research paper, the students all answered with an enthusiastic YES. By the end of the project, the third grade class had produced multiple-page research papers, complete with a full bibliography. Perhaps more importantly, the students gained confidence in their research and writing skills.

For the upcoming school year, Norwood plans to up the ante by bringing Citelighter into their second grade classrooms!

Watch the Case Study

See how the third graders at Norwood surprised everyone.

Citelighter creates high student
engagement ratesTotal Hours Spent per Student Over 2 Week Period:


*Please note that this represents the outcomes for a particular classroom and Citelighter cannot guarantee the same performance. However, this information should be used to understand what is possible if Citelighter is used as instructed.

What the students are saying:

"My grandmother said, 'A research paper? I thought you weren't old enough to do that.' And I said 'obviously I am!'"

Jamir,3rd Grade Student

What the teachers are saying:

"We were able, in about two weeks, to get the kids to go from knowing nothing -not even how to sign on to the site- to producing high-quality research papers."

Dr. Clare Kruft,Technology Coordinator
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