West Morris
High School


"Having everything in one place really helps students stay organized."

A 15% Improvement for Even the Most Complex Writing Tasks

West Morris High in New Jersey was struggling with teaching their students how to use evidence appropriately. Teacher Natalie O’Neil wanted to create an engaging writing assignment that her students could relate to and one that aligned to the new Common Core standards.

Using Citelighter, Natalie assigned a two-page expository essay on the topic of coming of age. Her students were required to conduct background research that included reading a historical novel, reviewing two current information texts from the NY Times and Huffington Post, and watch the film, Dead Poets Society.

Using Citelighter Teacher Tools, Natalie created an assignment that allowed her students to think critically about what they had read and watched as well as help them organize their thoughts into a well-constructed outline.

As a result of Citelighter’s easy, drag-and-drop instructional tools, Natalie found that her entire class performed, on average, 15% better than the previous assignment that she had them complete without Citelighter.

Watch the Case Study

Watch how West Morris students gave their writing a firmer foundation.

Citelighter creates high student
engagement ratesTotal Hours Spent per Student Over 2 Week Period:


*Please note that this represents the outcomes for a particular classroom and Citelighter cannot guarantee the same performance. However, this information should be used to understand what is possible if Citelighter is used as instructed.

What the students are saying:

"It's like journey into one's self, except into one's personality is like into one's writing style... .I am a better writer because of that organization."

Jack Kendrik,10th Grade Student

What the teachers are saying:

"Writing is a process that requires scaffolding and differentiated instruction along with muliple and varied points of feedback. The student platform gives the student the opportunity to see the writing process in steps."

Natalie O’Neil,Main teacher
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