Yreka High School


I can look at what kids are doing in the moment…I can comment right then and there. That’s something we've never had before.

Double the Number of Writing Assignments Completed

As you know, writing and critical thinking skills are a key part of new standards. As a result, districts are searching for tools that can help teachers effectively impart these skills to their students.

At Yreka High School in Northern California, Carla Truttman could see that her social studies students were having trouble evaluating data, synthesizing material, and pulling information from credible sources and citing them correctly.

She turned to Citelighter, and the results speak for themselves.

Her students now have the essential critical reading, writing, and thinking skills necessary to meet the new standards. Plus, they know how to find and use reliable primary sources for research. As a result, Carla reports her students are able to finish twice as many writing assignments with a level of quality that was unthinkable before Citelighter.

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Learn how Yreka High School boosted critical thinking and analysis skills.

Citelighter creates high student
engagement ratesTotal Hours Spent per Student Over 2 Week Period:


*Please note that this represents the outcomes for a particular classroom and Citelighter cannot guarantee the same performance. However, this information should be used to understand what is possible if Citelighter is used as instructed.

What the students are saying:

"I think that Citelighter motivates people to actually do their work because it make things simple and convenient."

Morgan Grove,11th Grade Student

What the teachers are saying:

"You’re always going to have some kids who don’t turn in assignments, that’s kind of the way it goes. In previous years when I’ve given this assignment, maybe 40% of the students turned the assignment in. With Citelighter this year, with the exact same assignment except that kids had the Citelighter tool, 75% of the students turned in the assignment. That’s a huge improvement."

Carla Truttman,Main teacher
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