Citelighter’s Tools for Teachers:

Make Writing Easier for Students and Teachers.

Dreading the Next Writing Assignment? Fear no more.

Create standards-aligned writing scaffolding to instantly break any writing assignment into manageable pieces or use one of our lesson to “stair step” your students to understanding.

"Our students did an inventor writing project, they just really took leadership with it, and that was awesome, that's exactly what we want in our classrooms."

Darrielle,3rd Grade Teacher Norwood STEM Elementary

Writing Process Still a Mystery? Solve it.

Get the real-time access to the valuable quantified data you need during each phase of the writing process to give useful feedback to your students. It’ ll feel like you’re looking over their shoulders ... without having to be in the same room.

"What it allows me to do as an educator, while students are in the moment, is see if students are making a mistake or they are doing something awesome, I can comment as the teacher right then and there."

Carla Truttman,National Writing Project Fellow,
10th grade teacher Yreka High School

Standards-Based Grading a Mess? Not anymore.

Create assignments and rubrics that perfectly align to your specific standards. A few quick clicks translates into grades made and time saved.

Show Data on Writing? No Way! Now possible.

Slice and dice student growth to quickly spot who’s excelling and who needs a little extra support. Citelighter’s data will help you provide enlightening information and insights to your principal and parents.


"It gives me the opportunity to see the writing process in steps. … And in three minutes you’ve scanned the process of every one of your students in one class period and understand which students may need some extra assistance."

Natalie O’Neil,Google Certified Teacher,
11th grade West Morris High School
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With Citelighter, you also get:

  • Optimized for
    Writing Standards

    CCSS, TEKS, SOLs, or other state standards? We have comprehensive content and easy-to-use rubrics that are designed especially for you.

  • Infinite Feedback

    Take advantage of multiple feedback methods at every stage of the prewriting, drafting, or final draft process.

  • Differentiated
    Writing Experience

    Whether it’s independent, group, or whole-class writing, we’ve got what you need.

  • Target Skill Gaps

    Easy-to-read data lets you effortlessly identify and erase your students’ writing gaps with ease.

Enjoy the view ... of the whole class.

Citelighter’s suite of pioneering reporting tools like Cognitive Prints opens an exciting real-time window into the entire student writing experience. By equipping you with a quantified analysis of student thinking and writing, you will be better able to help individual students as well as your class as a whole understand their own strengths and weaknesses with specific insights and examples.

Citelighter gives you the support you need to track growth by standard throughout the school year, offer personalized instruction to dramatically improve writing, researching and organizational skills, and provide opportunities for skill remediation before end-of-year assessments.

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