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Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a long-range, mid-size wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It seats 210 to 290 passengers, depending on the variant. Boeing states that it is the company's most fuel-efficient airliner and the world's first major airliner to use composite materials for most of its construction.


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The aircraft is made of composite materials and uses 20% less fuel than equivalent aircraft. Thomson Airways is the first British airline to take delivery of the new 787

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The aviation giant first rolled out its composite airliner more than four years ago, and it's three years behind schedule. But on Monday, Boeing expects to finally hand over its first Dreamliner to launch customer All Nippon Airways.

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The clue is in the name[Dreamliner]. From its unusually high ceilings and flexible wings to the large windows that can be dimmed at the touch of a button, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner appears to raise the bar in terms of style and comfort in the sky.

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But as the first mid-size airplane capable of flying long-range routes, it raises the intriguing possibility of new non-stop routes from regional UK airports, such as Manchester to Bali, or Glasgow to Cape Town.

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Boeing's mostly composite 787 offers better fuel economy for airlines and a more comfortable experience for passengers. The jet maker has won more than 800 orders for the Dreamliner and is looking to speed up 787 production.

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"Boeing's 19 hour test flight of the 787 Dreamliner was a great opportunity to test the limits of the 787, FlightAware's flight tracking, and the FAA's flight plan system," FlightAware Chief Executive Officer Daniel Baker tells Yahoo News. "It was the longest domestic flight we've ever handled and it required three FAA flight plans to accomplish, not to mention dozens of people coordinating the flight overnight."

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The take-off into blustery, gray skies capped a three-day celebration, marking the first delivery of 787 to a customer. The light-weight airplane's delivery to All Nippon Airways (9202.T) is the pinnacle achievement so far for the troubled 787 program, which is three years behind schedule.

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Now the company faces another monumental task of producing the aircraft at a rate of 10 a month by the end of 2013. Boeing makes only two Dreamliners per month now, and some experts doubt the company can meet that target in two years.

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How long it takes for a new pilot to be trained on the 787 depends on their previous experience. Since the 777 and 787 cockpits are so similar, it only takes 777 pilots five days to be trained on the Dreamliner. For a pilot who has flown other Boeing products, like the 767 or 737, it can take 13 days, and up to 20 days for a pilot with no Boeing experience.

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Made with durable, lightweight composites such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic and utilizing more electricity to power its primary and secondary systems than conventional planes do, the 787 consumes 20 percent less fuel than similarly sized aluminum planes. Less fuel means lower costs, allowing airlines to operate long-haul routes — generally six hours or more — profitably with fewer passengers.

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Kenya Airways has selected General Electric’s GEnx-1B for its forthcoming Boeing 787 fleet as the contest with Rolls-Royce intensifies over the remaining customers yet to pick an engine.

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The jet, features wider cabin and larger windows. Its cabin is 75 centimeters (30 inches) wider than a 767 aircraft and its windows are 47 by 28 centimeters (18.5 by 11 inches). The Dreamliner also has larger luggage compartments and energy-saving light-emitting diode bulbs.

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