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Citelighter is an easy-to-use academic research tool that utilizes a community of students to help you find valuable content, automatically cite sources, and provide an organizational framework for writing your papers.


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Citelighter, an educational tech start-up that delivers an organizational framework for doing school research, announced that it has partnered with CollegeHumor Media in order to deliver a better study experience to users.

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There are few things more annoying than manually writing up a bibliographic reference, or copying and pasting information into a citation generator one text box at a time. Citelighter is a new online service that can make this tedious necessity of college life a thing of the past, at least for some sources.

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I have a high threshold for integrating technology into my study processes because I find that most services are more trouble to setup and use than sticking with a simpler low-tech alternative. Citelighter is one of the few technologies that passes my threshold.

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Citelighter is not merely for students, because with its information gathering features, it could be handy across the board for bloggers, writers, office workers, even stay-at-home moms.

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Getting started with Citelighter is easy. Sign up for an account at and quickly install the Firefox toolbar (I’ve been told that Chrome and Safari are coming soon). Once you have the toolbar installed you can surf the net for the relevant information that you want to add to your paper or research project. You then highlight the information that you want to cite and press the “Capture” button on the Citelighter toolbar.

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Last year, when I taught middle school language arts, I worked with the students to understand the importance of maintaining organization throughout the research process - especially when it came to remembering which source went with which piece of information. I only wish that I had Citelighter as a tool last year.

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The New York City educational tech startup Citelighter, cofounded by Saad Alam and Lee Jokl in 2010, has been testing their product in closed beta since May. It's a web research tool that grabs highlighted text from sites and stores it in an online account, complete with detailed citation info, for later use in term papers.

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Citelighter attempts to solve this conundrum by giving students a note-collecting toolbar that sticks with them as they navigate the web. After downloading a free Firefox plugin, students can highlight any text on any web page and click a “capture” button to save it in a virtual notebook. When it’s time to write, they can visit it to view all of their highlights from across the web, reorder them and add comments to create an outline. The app automatically puts together a citation page.

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